The PKWARE Solution is the only complete solution for reducing, securing, moving and storing data across the extended enterprise, both internally and externally, from mainframes to servers to desktops and into the cloud. PKWARE offers software solutions to critical IT problems, namely the explosive growth of data, the need to secure data, and the emergence of data in the cloud. PKWARE offers the only total solution for reducing and securing data in motion or at rest, so data can be securely moved or stored anywhere. The PKWARE Solution is used billions of times each day to manage risks associated with data security breaches while avoiding increased storage costs with data reduction of up to 95% and improving service delivery. PKWARE is a privately-held company based in Milwaukee, WI with additional offices in New York, Ohio and the United Kingdom.

To learn more about PKWARE and how we have helped thousands of organizations solve their data security and file management challenges, please read our company overview.

Founded: PKWARE was founded in 1986 by the inventor of the ZIP standard, Phil Katz.

Customers: Today, over 30,000 customers worldwide use PKWARE Solutions to optimize the management, protection, and access to their critical information. PKWARE customers include FIS, ATPCO, and many other industry leaders. Additionally, over 200 government entities use PKWARE, including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Worldwide Locations

Corporate Headquarters: Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
European Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Other Offices: New York, NY; Dayton, OH