Company News: PKWARE® Continues Commitment to Day One Support of IBM® Mainframe Releases

With the planned availability of the zEnterprise 196™ and z/OS® v1.12 next month, PKWARE is pleased to reiterate our continued commitment to Day One support for these and other new releases of IBM’s mainframe hardware and operating system.

As an early release participant, PKWARE works extensively with both IBM and PKWARE customers to ensure that PKZIP® for z/OS and SecureZIP® for z/OS both process optimally in the new environments and take advantages of IBM’s latest advances. PKWARE ensures quality of service by performing extensive regression and functionality tests of its software on the new operating system and hardware in the months leading up to IBM’s releases.

Topics & Trends: Improve Data Center Operational Efficiency

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This phrase can be applied in many situations, including the categorization of PKWARE’s products. For instance, many IT professionals think of PKZIP® solely as a compression product and SecureZIP® only as a data security product.

While those generalizations could be considered correct, the reality is many customers use PKZIP and SecureZIP as data management solutions to improve operational efficiency in their data centers. A few simple case studies will help illustrate how operational efficiency has been achieved with our customers.

Customer Success Story: Secure Exchange of PHI with FIPS 140 Compliant Solution Delivers Major Efficiencies

Company Background

Since 1966, our client has served as one of the largest Medicare contractors in the country, now serving over 200,000 providers and suppliers. Medicare coverage provided by the contractor is extended to more than 24.5 million people in 26 states and 5 U.S. territories. Our client has efficient operational, financial, and human resources across the United States, positioning them as a national Medicare leader.

Product News: Cross-platform Product Release Helps Customers Comply with Upcoming NIST Changes

PKWARE® customers may be affected by upcoming changes announced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). To help customers comply with these NIST updates, PKWARE released new versions of PKZIP® and SecureZIP® on August 2, 2010.

The NIST is responsible for developing the standards and guidance for the cryptography used by Federal Government Agencies. This includes defining appropriate algorithms and cryptographic strengths suitable for meeting Federal Government security needs.

Whitepaper: Data Authenticity and Endpoint Security

Twenty years ago, there was no thought of encrypting data on mainframe applications, let alone data authentication issues, because there was enough physical and network security to sufficiently mitigate risks.

Today, the mainframe is just another server in your data center, with all the network connectivity, integration points, and risks of any other server. Mainframe applications now need to apply the same risk mitigation security precautions that are applied on a Microsoft Windows® server.