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Improve Data Center Operational Efficiency
Don't think of PKZIP® solely as a compression product and SecureZIP® strictly as a data security product. If so, you'll be passing up opportunities for efficiencies in your data center. Learn from some of our customers just how easily you can gain operational advantages with PKZIP and SecureZIP.


Data Authenticity and Endpoint Security
Our newest whitepaper, "Spotlight on Mainframe Security: Data Authenticity and Endpoint Security," reviews how mainframe applications today need to apply risk mitigation security precautions of encryption, digital signing, and trusted authentication to prevent threats far beyond those contemplated in the system's initial design.

Company News

PKWARE® Continues Commitment to Day One Support of IBM® Mainframe Releases

With the planned availability of the zEnterprise 196™ and z/OS® v1.12 next month, PKWARE is pleased to reiterate our continued commitment to Day One support for these and other new releases of IBM's mainframe hardware and operating system.

Customer Success Story

Secure Exchange of PHI with FIPS 140 Compliant Solution Delivers Major Efficiencies
Providing Medicare coverage to more than 24.5 million people in 26 states and 5 U.S. territories, this contractor wanted to more efficiently exchange Protected Health Information (PHI) with its main business partner.

Product News

Cross-platform Product Release Helps Customers Comply with Upcoming NIST Changes

PKWARE customers may be affected by upcoming changes announced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), particularly organizations using FIPS Mode for encryption processing. PKWARE recently released new versions of PKZIP and SecureZIP to help customers comply with these NIST updates.