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Security and Storage: The Hidden Challenges of a Virtual Infrastructure

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Virtualization is at the forefront of nearly every organization's IT environment. 21st century IT organizations are leveraging virtualization as a means to improve the efficiency and availability of IT resources - in effort to reduce fixed infrastructure costs. Virtualization is a highly-effective strategy and according to leading research firms, it is here to stay.

However, virtualization and the race to replace the physical data center brings new storage, security, and compliance challenges to IT and security professionals. These new challenges and risks, often compounded by the rapid adoption of cloud storage, are forcing technology organizations to adjust or implement new virtual storage and security strategies.

Join us as we explore the business goals that are driving the shift to virtual infrastructure and the resulting IT challenges. We'll analyze the virtual storage and cloud security conundrum, examine security risks, and offer best practices for implementing storage-friendly, compliant, and secure virtualization strategies that translate to quantified results.

Mainframe Data Encryption: Maximizing Efficiency

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The Ponemon Institute estimates the average cost of a data breach to be $7.2 million. Vulnerability to this sort of attack is magnified as organizations are required to exchange sensitive information across locations, with partners outside the enterprise and with varying security policies and data security formats.

Long heralded for their superior security, mainframes are not immune to such attacks. Sensitive enterprise data needs to be secured during transfer and at its origin and destination. Enterprises can't risk data being "in the clear" at any point of the transfer process.

From brand protection to corporate security policies to compliance mandates to business partner requirements, there are many compelling business reasons for encryption. However, encryption is not without its challenges – including licensing and overhead costs, resource consumption, and the inherent complexity of the encryption topic.

Join us as we explore data encryption on the mainframe – including cost take out scenarios, a review of business drivers, available technologies, example use cases, and best-practice recommendations for securing data on the mainframe and across the extended enterprise.