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For nearly 20 years, PKWARE® Software Developer Kits have provided support for the development of ZIP products. The PKWARE SDK product family combines data security and data compression tools to enable the development of applications on multiple platforms that provide secure and efficient file transfer and storage.

PKWARE provides developers the ability to leverage platform interoperability through the use of .ZIP, one of the most widely used file formats in the world.

Building on the trusted .ZIP format, the SecureZIP® SDK supports data security by offering encryption and authentication capabilities, including AES and 3DES passphrase or certificate-based encryption, as well as digital signature support for data integrity.

The following tools are available to support your development requirements:

PKWARE Software Developer Kits (SDKs)

The PKWARE SDKs are a family of toolkits that enable developers to add powerful data compression and data encryption capabilities to applications on multiple platforms. The application programming interfaces (APIs) provide the ability to easily select specific features required to meet applications’ needs for secure and efficient data management, storage, and transfer.

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Application Note on the .ZIP File Format

Provides developers with a general description and technical details of the .ZIP specification.

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