"PKWARE has provided me with additional insurance of avoiding a breach."
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"PKWARE has saved the company significant resources and money."
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"The PKWARE Solution allows me to keep the overhead low and meet my SLAs.""
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"Our data would be rendered useless to a hacker because it is encrypted with SecureZIP and the hacker could not read it."
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Data exchange is a necessary part of doing business…but it doesn’t come without risk.

cost of a data breach

All enterprises need to transfer critical business data within the organization or to business partners, via private, hybrid or public clouds. However, the data must be kept secure in light of security threats and regulatory compliance mandates.

SecureZIP guards your enterprise’s reputation and helps avoid the costly implications of a security breach by adding extra security to any data transfer process. This minimizes the risk of a data breach by protecting data while in transit and at all endpoints in accordance with major compliance regulations, mandates, and security standards.

Explore Key Features

Data-centric encryption

Data is never transferred or received "in the clear".

Trusted data

Digital signing, time stamping, and authentication ensure that the data has not been compromised.
Supports multiple industry-standard security formats, including OpenPGP and .ZIP, as well as most operating system platforms.

Never lose control of your data

Contingency key allows enterprises to have a "master key" to all data.

Meet compliance mandates with strong encryption including

FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, SOX, PCI, etc.

Easy installation

Integrates quickly for both you and your partners.

File compression is an added bonus

File size can be reduced by up to 95% to maximize bandwidth. Data can be encrypted and zipped at any convenient time ahead of the transfer batch jobs running to spread processing workload.

Competitive Solutions

  PKWARE SecureZIP Data21 ZIP/390 ASPG Megacryption IBM Encryption Facility
Native z/OS Implementation yes yes1 yes  
X.509 ZIP Format yes      
OpenPGP Format yes yes2 yes yes2
Other Platforms yes   yes3  
Contingency Key yes      
1 Compression & symmetric encryption is native to z/OS, PKI encryption is offloaded to a Windows server
2 Not natively on z/OS – Data21 offloads to Windows server, IBM EF is Java
3 Windows, Linux, Unix OpenPGP support

Alternative Solutions

Compression yes yes1
Transmission Level
yes2   yes yes
Computer to Computer
yes2   yes
Data Centric
1 Most MFTs provide some basic level of compression
2 Implicit through data centric security

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