"PKWARE has provided me with additional insurance of avoiding a breach. "
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Server Data Security Software

Servers provide the basis for sharing and moving information throughout the enterprise, as well as with external business partners. SecureZIP Server protects information on UNIX®, Linux®, and Windows® servers without disrupting existing operations and processes.

Application Integration

With Application Integration, data can be streamed directly in and out of applications. Without Application Integration, the .ZIP file would be extracted and written to disk as a data file before it can be read by an application. Using Application Integration, this step is eliminated, improving operational efficiency by reducing the number of steps needed to process data.

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SecureZIP Enterprise Features

Includes all features of SecureZIP standard, plus...

  • Maintains control of data: Contingency key allows access to any data processed within the server environment
  • LDAP directory support: Automatically locates, retrieves, and uses certificates stored in common directories such as Sun® Directory Server, Novell eDirectory®, and Microsoft Active Directory® with LDAP Directory Support

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SecureZIP Standard Features

  • Works across all major enterprise computing platforms: Delivers cross-platform data portability (Windows desktop, Windows and UNIX/Linux servers, IBM i, and IBM zSeries)
  • Encrypts data using passphrases, PKI, or both
  • Application integration: Improves security and processing efficiencies by streaming the data directly to the application
  • Reduce file size up to 95%: ZIP compression allows you to reduce file size up to 95%, saving time and valuable resources
  • FIPS 140-compliant*: Uses FIPS 140-2 validated encryption libraries, conforming to Federal requirements and industry best practices

*The NIST has announced FIPS 140 algorithm changes that will go into effect by year end 2013. PKWARE will continue to support FIPS 140 compliance needs with our latest version releases.

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