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vZIP Product Page

vZIP™ combines strong encryption and ZIP compression with the standard vSphere® client interface to provide organizations with the ability to encrypt and compress Virtual Machines prior to them being archived; enhancing security, achieving compliance, lowering storage costs, and decreasing transfer times.

vZIP Features

  • Encrypt and decrypt dormant Virtual Machines: Encrypt VMs using passphrases or digital certificates
  • Compress and decompress dormant VMs: ZIP compression reduces VM size by as much as 80% saving time and valuable resources
  • Copy encrypted and compressed VMs: VMs can be copied to a network path or to a VMware® datastore
  • Integration with VMware® vSphere™: vZIP plugs directly into the VMware® environment to secure and compress unused Virtual Machines, ensuring security while reducing disk space costs and decreasing transmission time. Administrators use the vZIP GUI in vSphere™ to administer VMs
  • 'Running State' detection: vZIP integrates with VM error states to prevent a Virtual Machine from being damaged
  • VM configuration extension: Capture the configuration of a Virtual Machine for preview prior to decryption
  • Automate operations using PowerCLI: vZIP includes a cmdlet for automating operations on VM's using PowerCLI.
  • FIPS 140-2: vZIP helps meet FIPS 140-2 compliance standards when operated in FIPS Mode