Mainframe Updates

Ensure that you are current on maintenance releases and using the most updated levelsets of SecureZIP® and PKZIP® products. (Levelsets can only update an existing install of the same version; they cannot upgrade software to a newer version)  Select from the updates below:

Don’t see what you’re looking for or need to install a different version? Contact PKWARE® Tech Support online or call +1.937.847.2687 (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CT).

Name Format Size Post Date
 SecureZIP v15 Levelset (Refresh 3)   EXE   28.3MB 07.12.2014
 SecureZIP v14 Levelset (Refresh 10)   EXE   30.1MB 02.24.2014
 SecureZIP v12 non-SMP/E Levelset (Refresh 9)   EXE   22.0MB 07.24.2013
 SecureZIP v12 SMP/E Levelset (Refresh 9)   EXE  20.6MB 07.24.2013
 PKZIP v15 Levelset (Refresh 3)   EXE  24.6MB 07.12.2014
 PKZIP v14.0 Levelset (Refresh 10)   EXE  28.4MB 02.24.2014
 PKZIP v12.0 non-SMP/E Levelset (Refresh 9)   EXE  21.0MB 07.24.2013
 PKZIP v12.0 SMP/E Levelset (Refresh 9)   EXE  19.6MB 07.24.2013