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Monthly Breach Report: August 2022 Edition

Ransomware attacks that specifically targeted public organizations like local governments, schools, and hospitals have begun to decrease in 2022. But that doesn’t mean it’s time for security teams to relax.
Published: Aug 9, 2022

The Season of Travel: Securing Endpoints for Remote Work

Summer is here, and with many organizations still allowing employees flexibility in where they work, it’s expected that some of them will take their job on the road. Many are […]
Published: Jul 21, 2022

Monthly Breach Report: July 2022 Edition

Cyber criminals are constantly looking for ways to steal data that doesn’t belong to them. And organizations like these below are paying the price for not being prepared.
Published: Jul 14, 2022

Safety Detectives: Interview with Jason Dobbs, PKWARE

Jason Dobbs, CTO of PKWARE, shares some information about the company and its product offering in this exclusive interview.
Published: Jun 15, 2022

Monthly Breach Report: June 2022 Edition

Ransomware and other cyber-attacks are still on the rise. Check out some of the biggest breaches companies experienced in the past month.
Published: Jun 10, 2022

SC Media: Establish A Comprehensive Data Security Governance Framework

A mature data security governance program will not only outline the minimum requirements of the organization’s security program, such as compliance requirements, but also help a company better understand the data it needs to protect.
Published: Jun 9, 2022

PKWARE Named a Winner in 2022 Global InfoSec Awards and People’s Choice Stevie® Awards

PKWARE today announced it has won Best Product in Enterprise Security in the Global InfoSec Awards and a People’s Choice Stevie Award.
Published: Jun 6, 2022

An Insider’s Opinion on Data Privacy

GDPR is turning four, but digital data has been around for as long as computer networking and systems have. What happened to all that data acquired prior to GDPR?
Published: May 26, 2022

PKWARE Promotes Matt Zomboracz to Chief Financial Officer

PKWARE, a global leader in automated data security, today announced the promotion of Matt Zomboracz to chief financial officer.
Published: May 24, 2022

Adjusting Data Security with the New Remote Workforce

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our lives—some more in the short-term and others, permanently. This includes the workforce, which now functions in any combination of […]
Published: May 12, 2022
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