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Joe Sturonas



Joe Sturonas has been developing commercial software for over 25 years, and at PKWARE he drives technology strategy across their entire product portfolio.  As Chief Technology Officer, Joe is responsible for product development, including software engineering, documentation, quality assurance and technical support. He has extensive experience in data security, data center optimization and artificial intelligence.  Mr. Sturonas holds a BS degree from Miami University and an MS degree in Computer Science from DePaul University.


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While out in Maryland to talk security with a few government contractors, I realized I was stopped at the intersection of “Snowden River Parkway” and “Broken Land Drive.” The Parkway is named for a Revolutionary War sea captain and not Edward, the thorn in the side of the U.S. government. The coinci...
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Between Sony’s blockbuster blunders and the slew of confounding data issues your team deals with on a daily basis, it may be tempting to break apart your entire security system. For one segment of security pros, there is a type of separation going on that divorces old infrastructure thinking from to...
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As we move along in the “year of encryption” – and it feels more like the “year of the data breach” – it’s refreshing to hear security approaches that are realistic about how people work and the protection that’s in order. Often, it’s in the trenches where we hear the challenging, day-to-day evolut...
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Is healthcare becoming the “forgotten” source of information insecurity and fraud? Responses to a recent personal data security survey we commissioned have left me quite curious about the state and perception of data security in healthcare. Even as hackers shift their attention to medical frau...
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Finger pointing has been part and parcel with this every new announcement of a big-name data breach. There’s blame to spare, from CISOs and CEOs, to government snoops and international cybercrime syndicates. As for the sources of those breaches and leaks, the general public sees a range of culprits ...
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