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Channel Partners

Partners in Securing the World’s Data

PKWARE is focused on building strong business partnerships with industry leaders to help address our customers’ security needs.

  • Emagined Security

    A leading provider of professional services for Information Security and Compliance solutions

  • Alliance Technology Group

    Leading IT solutions company specializing in IT Infrastructure, Cloud Computing and Professional Services

  • Assurance Data

    Offers a wide range of solutions to mitigate risk, secure data and optimize performance

  • Accutive

    Leading product and services company with a focus on financial services and cyber security solutions

  • Solutions II

    Nationally recognized for world class innovation in virtualization, business continuance and data lifecycle management and IT security solutions

  • Wavestrong

    Information security and data privacy consulting company providing both strategy and solution consulting services

  • Pivot Technology

    Pivot designs, sells, integrates and supports IT solutions, engaging clients in all aspects of their IT lifecycle management

  • Cayden Security

    Cayden Security is a leading edge provider of cybersecurity, compliance, and risk management technology solutions.

  • CDW-G

    A leading provider of integrated information technology solutions. We help our 250,000 business

  • Channel Systems

    Delivers leading-edge IT Infrastructure Solutions in key focused areas: Networking, Security, Storage, Cloud.

  • CMA

    Since 1989, CMA has been a trusted partner for many of the leading technology companies.

  • CompSec

    One of the most trusted sources for solving complex IT problems. Started in 1997 to address customer issues

  • Creative Breakthroughs

    Experts in cyber risk assessment offering threat management, compliance, and advisory services.

  • DTS

    Provides a diverse range of services to various government agencies and private sector clients.


    We deliver Customer-focused project management and consulting solutions CONUS and OCONUS.

  • Intuitive

    Trusted advisor offering a systematic, holistic approach to security and consulting for our clients

  • JCS & Associates, Inc.

    A proven information systems security value added reseller

  • Kite Distribution

    One of the fastest-growing value added resellers in the UK

  • TechSec Services, LLC

    Founded by Government and Large Defense Contractor

  • Optiv

    Provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions

  • Handd

    A leading UK-based data protection and security services provider.

  • Cygnia

    Trusted cyber security specialists for mid-sized and large companies.

  • InNet

    Providing innovative network, security, and cloud management solutions.

  • Digital Pathways

    Specialists in the design, implementation and management of data protection systems.

  • Tevora

    Management consultants specializing in information governance and compliance.