PKWARE Solutions are designed to help you take control of sensitive information by keeping data in compliance with your security policies from the moment of creation throughout the data lifecycle.

Here’s how we make it possible

Range and Applicability

We offer the broadest support in the market. Our data discovery capabilities cover: Relation Databases (RDBMS), Structured Data, Data Warehouses, Big Data Hadoop Platforms, NoSQL Databases, Cloud Object Stores, Inflight Data Transfers, Endpoint and File Servers.

Relational Database (RDBMS) and Structured Data Store
  • Amazon Aurora
  • IBM Db2 for z/OS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IBM Power Systems (AS/400)
  • Green PI
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Postgre SQL
  • IBM Db2
  • Sybase MariaDB
Data Warehouses
  • Amazon Redshift
  • IBM Netezza
  • Google BigQuery
  • Teradata
Big Data Hadoop Platforms
  • Amazon Elastic
  • Hortonworks
  • Map Reduce (EMR)
  • MapR
  • Cloudera
  • Microsoft Azure HDInsight
  • Google Cloud Dataproc
NoSQL Databases
  • Cassandra
Cloud Object Stores
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (s3)
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage
Inflight Data Transfers
  • Via API Library
  • Windows
File Servers
  • Windows Server
  • CentOS
  • Linux


Organizations need security solutions that apply data protection policies in real-time, across the entire enterprise, without user intervention. Supported by PKWARE’s unmatched powerful automation capabilities, IT personnel and executives can focus more on their business needs and strategy, and less on monitoring the security of their technology.  PKWARE solutions focus on what needs to be protected, and then apply the right forms of protection, regardless of where the data lives.


Rule-Based Remediation

Data security is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Within a single organization, there can be dozens of security policies, hundreds of data types, and thousands of use cases. Some data might require encryption, while other data may need to be masked, redacted, deleted, or quarantined.

With PKWARE, your policies can be as general or specific as necessary in order to meet your goals. Administrators can define specific actions (or sequences of actions) to be applied based on file contents, file types, storage locations, user profiles, and other criteria.


Persistent Protection

Data rarely stays in one place. Sensitive information is constantly being duplicated and shared, often in locations outside the organization’s control. Solutions that protect data only on certain devices or in certain situations can create security gaps and compliance risks. PKWARE provides remediation options (including persistent encryption) that permanently protect data against inappropriate use, even when the data travels beyond the company network.


Integration and Scalability

Enterprise security ecosystems are complex and constantly evolving. PKWARE technology is built to fit into your existing environment and to grow and change along with you. Our solutions work on every enterprise operating system and integrate with DLP systems, productivity software, reporting tools, and other elements of your IT infrastructure. In addition, our scalable software is simple to use on a broad range of data types and repositories, enabling visibility and control even in the fastest-moving, most complex IT environments.


Centralized Control

Centralized management is essential to ensure that data is protected according to the organization’s security policies while remaining available for appropriate use. PKWARE’s management console gives organizations complete control over their sensitive data for the entire lifecycle of the data, wherever it lives. Access to protected data can be granted or revoked at any time, and all activity is logged for auditing and reporting.

Explore the PK Protect Suite


PK Protect

Data discovery and protection solutions that locate and secure sensitive data


PK Discovery

Find data wherever it lives in the enterprise


PK Classification

Categorize data for tagging and reporting


PK Masking

Irreversible yet auditable protection


PK Encryption

File encryption for both protection and analytics


PK Privacy

Manage retention policies and fulfill DSAR