Solutions by Compliance Initiative

Solutions Designed to Meet Specific Compliance Requirements and Industry Mandates

There are over 100 different regulations pertaining to data protection and security. Major regulations, mandates, and security standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH Act, OMB M-06-16, and FIPS 140 have caused organizations to become actively engaged in finding a security solution.

Internal policies, industry mandates, and government regulations demand strong protection of sensitive data. Non-compliance results in considerable fines and penaltiesover $214 per recordaveraging over $7.2 million per data breach.

SecureZIP strongly encrypts data using passphrases, digital certificates, or both. It allows you to meet compliance requirements while eliminating the risks of a data breach such as substantial fines, negative publicity, and damage to your reputation.

SecureZIP has helped thousands of organizations meet various data security standards and compliance requirements, including:


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