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Total Integration of Data Reduction and Security

The proliferation of data, up an average of 30-70% per year, continuously adds to the strain on networks, increases storage costs, creates higher transmission fees and compounds risk factors. IDC expects the digital universe will grow to 1.2 zetabytes by 2012. Exponential growth in enterprise electronic data, demands on data retention periods and an increased cost focus have led to a "perfect storm" in data proliferation.

PKWARE is the only provider of the critical components for data reduction to control sprawl and data aggregation, while securing, moving, and storing data across the extended enterprise, both internally and externally. This platform neutral, highly portable data container securely encrypts and compresses files to reduce data related costs by up to 15%.

For more than two decades PKWARE has provided the most efficient and effective total data management solutions for empowering enterprises, the public sector and end users. Results show that within the first 12 months, customers can easily recoup their initial investment with up to 40x in cost savings. That’s just one reason why more than 30,000 corporate entities and 200 government agencies worldwide trust the PKWARE Solution to optimize their data center.


Sending huge amounts of information, over an already taxed infrastructure, with critical transmission times associated with operational and service level agreements, often requires upgrades and investments to maintain.

PKWARE helps prevent unmet terms of Service Level Agreements by reducing elapsed time up to 90%. This allows fault resend with no penalty; decreasing the number of transmissions and potential for failure rates by placing multiple files in a single secure container; and cutting prep time of file batches with simplified consolidation of logical data.

Strained data pipes and maxed out bandwidth significantly increase elapsed time for running data processing and data transfer processes, adding to overall cost and performance issues.

Lower IT infrastructure costs across every platform and reduce your overall data footprint by up to 95%, allowing more data to be transmitted faster without increased bandwidth.

Extended enterprises, partner networks and virtual machines are continuously scrutinized for compliance. All sensitive data must be protected with appropriate measures.

Mitigate the inherent costs of security breaches and information theft while complying with industry mandates and government regulations such as PCI, HIPAA/HITECH Act, EU Privacy Act and FIPS 140.

A security breach as well as lost, stolen or even compromised records triggers negative exposure that quickly equates to forfeited sales, legal fees, disclosure expenses and a host of remediation costs.

Guaranteed file level security protects sensitive information in the event that data is lost, stolen or compromised; protecting your brand and avoiding remediation costs related to a data breach.

IT capital and operating costs in the data center are rising due to requirements for storage, more bandwidth and added costs to maintain multiple point solutions intended for data management. Large files create network bottle necks, stress systems and slow application performance for further indirect costs.

Lower IT infrastructure costs across every platform with a single solution for reducing, securing, moving and storing data. More data is transmitted faster without increased bandwidth or the burden and costs associated with additional storage uptake.

A never before seen plethora of structured and unstructured data and sprawl is crippling storage capacity and requiring significant expenditures to manage and move that data.

PKWARE reduces the size of data by up to 95% and thus storage costs up to 95%. One solution, not several point products, handles structured and unstructured data for immediate access across your extended enterprise.

Files that contain sensitive data, whether stored or being transmitted, need to be protected. Data that moves across disparate computing environments is at increased risk of misuse, loss or theft.

PKWARE guarantees protection with persistent file-level security independent of system, application or data format and while, “at rest” or “in motion”. The PKWARE Solution renders data unusable to anyone that does not have the key to decrypt it and ensures data integrity even when lost or stolen.

Information traveling across computing platforms and into virtual environments is at risk for exposure. Multiple independent solutions that function on a single platform or combined point solutions from multiple vendors can’t guarantee that data is protected as it moves between computing platforms.

Leverage a single solution to move and manage data from across platforms. PKWARE securely moves mainframe and virtual data from servers onto the desktop at no incremental cost and provides a consistent set of file security applications for HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and multiple other environments.

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