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Healthcare Data Security

As a healthcare organization, you are confronted with staggering volumes of PHI, PII, and other sensitive data. The aggressive push towards electronic records management, combined with patient information privacy laws, has placed your IT infrastructure under enormous pressure. You need a flexible solution that can handle the vast amount of data, while offering federally-compliant strong security you can depend on.

Secure PHI and enable business growth.

Doing business with government agencies means you have to comply with increasingly stringent security standards and requirements. SecureZIP meets the encryption standards and regulations mandated by the U.S. Federal Government. Sensitive information is secure and the risk of lost revenue is eliminated.

Learn more about how SecureZIP can help your organization, read our Solution Data Sheet.

Your Unique Challenges Our Unique Solutions
Compliance requirements like HIPAA and the HITECH Act demand a comprehensive plan for audit and data privacy. Non-compliance results in considerable fines and penalties – up to $50,000 per individual violation. SecureZIP ensures access to data across your organization. Enforce data security policies and ensure data availability without fearing the auditors. Eliminate the risks of a data breach such as substantial fines, negative publicity, and damage to your reputation.
Doing business with government agencies means you have to comply with increasingly stringent security standards and requirements. SecureZIP meets the encryption standards and requirements mandated by FIPS 140 and OMB M-06-16, allowing you to drive revenue by working with government agencies. Continue business as usual.
The sheer volume and size of medical records is overwhelming. Finding enough space in your existing infrastructure to store all that data is becoming increasingly difficult. SecureZIP not only protects your data, it also reduces required storage space up to 95%. Eliminate the need to purchase additional storage.
Information needs to be exchanged with hospitals, pharmacies, claims processors, insurance providers, etc. Exchanging information with multiple external business partners and customers results in multiple headaches. SecureZIP PartnerLink allows you to share information seamlessly with external partners without impacting their budgets. Increase partner acceptance. Minimize IT standardization costs.

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As the volume of data continues to multiply and compliance regulations for the healthcare industry become more stringent, you need a partner that understands the challenges you’re facing today and those you’ll face tomorrow. Contact Us

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