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Data Security Intelligence

Smartcrypt Data Security Intelligence

Complete visibility into sensitive data

Security administrators face increased pressure every day. They're expected to identify potential threats as soon as they appear. To be effective, monitoring and reporting must not only be a continuous process, but must also be integrated with multiple security technologies.

Not only does reporting help prevent policy violations, it helps ensure compliance with cybersecurity mandates like GDPR and NYCRR that require organizations to demonstrate that they have taken appropriate steps to protect sensitive data.

Monitor file status and user activity in real time

Smartcrypt’s Data Security Intelligence tool allows enterprise security teams and audit personnel to track critical information including which files are protected, where the files are stored, and which users have accessed them. Administrators can filter reporting data by time and event type, and search for specific terms within event logs.

Reporting Screenshot

Smartcrypt captures extensive information on administrative actions, user actions, and file activity, enabling organizations to maintain full audit trails on their sensitive data. Administrators can report and search on a wide variety of events:

  • User account creation and user logins
  • Policy creation and deletion
  • Encryption key creation and deletion
  • File encryption and decryption
  • Key access requests and responses

Data Security Intelligence output can be viewed directly through the "Reporting" tab of the Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager console, picked up via SIEM agent, or retrieved via API for transformation and load to a customer datamart. Event reporting is exported in JSON format for easy integration with other data security technologies.


Learn more about the Smartcrypt data protection platform.

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Technical information and other key details about Smartcrypt’s admin console.

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Get details on the plug-and-play Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager Appliances.

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Smartcrypt's reporting capabilities simplify administration while providing in-depth information on data protection activity across the organization.
  • Provides an easy interface for monitoring sensitive data in real time
  • Captures detailed information on administrative changes and user activity
  • Simplifies compliance with internal policies and government mandates
  • Supports export to other reporting tools

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