Information Asset

About Partner

Information Asset is a leading Data Governance and Privacy Solutions Firm that supports enterprise clients in multiple industries. The solutions offerings include end-to-end business advisory services, implementation and technical solutions for the Data Governance Lifecycle including Consulting, Metadata Integration, Sensitive Data Management, Tool Evaluation, Product Implementation, and Training.

Why Information Asset LLC

  • Provides end-to-end solutions to operationalize data governance and privacy solutions.
  • Offers industry specific glossaries, dashboards, lineage, workflows and policies.
  • Proven experience across several industries including finance and banking, insurance, life sciences, retail, education, healthcare, telecommunications, and government with small, large, public, and private companies.

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Partnership Overview

Partnership Value/Benefits

PKWARE works with Information Asset to provide automated data discovery and masking to their customers.

Key plays

  • Sensitive Data Discovery
  • Sensitive Data Protection