Turnkey encryption management and enhanced data protection

The PKWARE Enterprise Manager enables organizations to maintain control over sensitive data across the enterprise. It controls data discovery, data classification, and data protection activity, as well as encryption key management, key synchronization, and key delivery.

For simplified deployment and enhanced security features, the PKWARE Enterprise Manager is available as a virtual appliance or hardware appliance, with an optional FIPS 140-2 Level 3 hardware security module and a full-entropy quantum random number generator.

Unprecedented capabilities

PKWARE Appliances have everything you’d expect from a world-class key management appliance: automatic failover, high availability, support for encryption on servers and databases, and full key lifecycle and policy management.

But PKWARE goes further. Only PKWARE Appliances offer:

  • Persistent encryption: protection for data wherever it travels, not just when it’s stored in a certain server or drive
  • Out-of-the box support for encryption on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and email
  • Support for data discovery, so you can find where all your sensitive data is located
  • An optional full-entropy quantum random number generator
Front of PKWARE Appliance

Enhanced security and flexibility

PKWARE Appliances makes it easy to build and implement solutions that meet your organization’s unique data protection and compliance requirements.

  • The optional quantum random number generator delivers high-volume true random data for use in key generation, certificate seeding, and other applications.
  • The optional hardware security module provides FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated protection for encryption keys.
  • Both the hardware and virtual appliance provide support for enforced data residency, aiding compliance with the GDPR and other regulations.
  • Failover, high availability, and multiple geographies are supported with a minimum of two appliances.
  • The hardware appliance is available in three configurations: models 300r, 300h, and 350.

PKWARE Appliance: Options and Features

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PKWARE Appliances delivers a wide range of benefits, making your organization's sensitive data more secure and easier to manage.
  • Appliances can be deployed independently of existing database and application infrastructure
  • Provides persistent strong encryption for sensitive information
  • Enables organization-wide control and consistent policy enforcement
  • Simplifies key management