High-Performance Compression on IBM Power Systems

The industry’s most advanced compression solution, PKZIP for IBM i delivers unmatched data compression, together with enhanced file handling and system integrations that accelerate business processes in the datacenter and beyond.

PKZIP reduces file sizes by as much as 95%, decreasing DASD costs, conserving transmission bandwidth, and minimizing processing time.

With more than 30 years in large-format data compression, PKWARE is the industry leader in technological innovation and customer service. No other solution can match PKZIP’s capabilities, reliability, and versatility.

Realize the Full Potential of Your System

Developed specifically for IBM i, PKZIP includes a variety of options for exploiting native mainframe capabilities to maximize compression performance and optimize the use of resources.

  • PKZIP’s 1Step2Tape feature allows information to be moved directly to tape in one step. With 1Step2Tape, organizations can achieve significant time and resource savings when transferring information, as SAVF and ZIP functionality are combined into a single step. 1Step2Tape eliminates the extra I/O required to move data between job steps, and makes it easier to ensure customers and their partners receive their data when they need it.
  • The IBM i PKWARE Save/Restore Application (iPSRA) feature enables PKZIP to compress/encrypt IBM i save files directly to a file in an archive. The process produces a result similar to creating a save file first and then compressing it into an archive, but economizes on time and disk space by skipping the intermediate step. The iPSRA process can be integrated with your existing backup/recovery procedures and systems on the IBM i.
  • With PKZIP, data files intended for other operating systems can be automatically translated from EBCDIC to ASCII language sets, making data transfer much faster and simpler. ZIP files created on ASCII platforms can also be read on IBM i.

Administrators can also use PKZIP's simulate mode to test scenarios and predict compression outcomes without consuming all the CPU cycles necessary to run a job, enabling them to make informed decisions on processes before committing resources to the operation.

Streamline and Automate Data Exchange

Moving data between disparate computing systems often requires multiple steps and multiple translation products and converters. PKZIP for IBM i eliminates these requirements, enabling users to write directly to, and read directly from, UNIX, Linux, and Windows file systems.

PKZIP’s integrations facilitate the exchange of data between different types of systems and automatically convert data to the appropriate format for each system.

PKWARE is the only vendor to provide seamless data exchange across z/OS for the mainframe, IBM i for IBM Power Systems, UNIX/Linux/Windows servers, and Windows desktops.


Learn more about PKWARE's industry-best solution for compression on midrange systems.

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PKZIP for IBM i is the most powerful, most reliable compression solution for midrange systems.
  • Reduces the time and number of steps required to create and extract data archives.
  • Enables organizations to defer or avoid expensive hardware upgrades.
  • Supports multi-terabyte archive files.
  • User-friendly design provides multiple interfaces and options for invoking PKZIP commands.