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  • Grin and Bear It: A New Security Attitude for 2015

    Data security is a grim business, especially of late. There’s an expected seriousness when you’re handling sensitive data, stacks of information and the cold action of computing. But isn’t it time we cracked a smile?
  • The Quiet Millions Who Have Not Been Hacked

    There are people, businesses and government agencies who have not been hacked.
  • The Lifestyle of Encryption, Enriched and Famous

    What’s next, a White House roundtable on asymmetric key management?
  • Apple Phone Case Exposes Stubborn Skills Gap

    Like many of us in the cybersecurity industry, I paid close attention to the recent fight between the FBI and Apple over an encrypted phone.
  • Encryption and the Politics of Confusion

    A couple of elected officials are finally learning about encryption. In the process, they’ve unleashed resolutions that are sometimes comical and more often chilling.
  • Why We Are Teaming Up with Google, Facebook and a Few of Our Rivals

    Protecting the world’s information can create strange bedfellows. But sometimes it’s worth the unexpected allegiances with potential rivals or social media companies in an effort for everyone to get a better grasp on data security.
  • Nerds on the Attack: The Most Important Shot in the New Crypto Wars

    The nerds have shot back. For those of us who remember the “crypto wars” during the Clinton Administration, it was the technical takedown of bad encryption plans for the Clipper chip by security leaders which acted as data security discussion’s...
  • Protecting Files, Phones & Grandma – A Simple Security Tip Sheet

    At first I thought it was a joke for my brother to offer me a ransom to retrieve his phone. As it turned out, everyone in his contact list received the ransom texts and calls – because my brother’s phone had been stolen. In rectifying the stolen phone,...
  • Asking for the Future, Now – Encryption, RSA & the Law

    The future is now for encryption. After months of data protection paranoia, the appetite is growing for an evolved, stronger version of encryption to solve today’s big security problems.
  • Data Protection – Put Your Money Where Your Doubt Is

    I have some good news and some bad news on encryption. First, the good news: encryption is all over the place! The bad news? Encryption isn’t really all over the places data needs it to be.
  • Building Trust: The Larger Problem Caused by Hacks [Episode 6 Thieves, Snoops & Idiots]

    In Episode 6 of “Thieves, Snoops and Idiots”, our hosts Matt Little, VP of Product Development, and Justin Kern, PR and Communications Human, talk about the perilous state of security on software, hardware and open source. We also introduce the...
  • Thieves, Snoops and Idiots: A New Series to Make Sense of Security Threats

    The world of data protection is under attack from three main threats: thieves, snoops and idiots. Well, that's how we categorize internally the risks facing business information security. Starting this week, we've started to broadcast what we mean by...
  • PKWARE and Boldon James: Find It, Classify It, and Encrypt It

    The rising epidemic of data breaches, the evolution of internal and external cyber threats, and increasingly demanding privacy regulations have put pressure on companies around the world to become more proactive about protecting sensitive information...
  • Automating Your Data Defense

    Faced with staffing shortages, skill gaps, and evolving cyber threats, security professionals around the world are beginning to recognize that automation is the future of information security. There’s simply no way that security managers—or end...

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