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SecureZIP Partnerlink

Flexible encryption for secure sharing

Establish secure data exchange in a matter of hours

Every organization needs a reliable way to exchange information with its customers and partners, even when they use different operating systems and applications. In heavily regulated fields like healthcare, financial services, and government, data exchange is further complicated by industry- and government-imposed regulations that require a high degree of security for sensitive information.

PKWARE’s SecureZIP PartnerLink is an innovative solution that gives organizations the ability to share encrypted information with external partners, without the need for each partner to purchase their own software.

Simplified, cost-effective sharing

SecureZIP PartnerLink operates on a hub-and-spoke architecture, in which a “sponsor" organization implements a full version of SecureZIP and invites its partner organizations to implement a free version of SecureZIP Partner. Within hours, both the sponsor and its partners can send and receive protected information.

Interoperability and control

With SecureZIP PartnerLink, sponsor organizations and their partners can meet security and compliance requirements, regardless of their platforms or infrastructure. The price to the PartnerLink sponsor organization is the same regardless of the number of sharing partners. For partners, there is no software acquisition cost.

Sharing data outside the organization doesn't have to mean giving up control. SecureZIP PartnerLink allows the sponsoring partner to enforce its data security policies no matter where the encrypted data is used or stored.

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