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Smartcrypt Application

The Smartcrypt application provides data-level encryption with embedded key management, simplified in a way that no one thought possible.

Smartcrypt can be installed on end user desktops, mobile devices, mainframes, and any other device that will be used to create or access protected data. The application is available for every operating system and storage platform, eliminating gaps in existing security infrastructure.

Once the application is installed, employees, partners, and customers can use it to exchange sensitive information with the security that only persistent encryption can provide. Encrypted data remains inaccessible to unauthorized users, even when it is copied or shared.

Smartkey technology

PKWARE’s innovative Smartkey technology automatically generates, synchronizes, and exchanges encryption keys according to the organization’s security policies, making the process automatic for end users. Smartcrypt also supports OpenPGP and X.509 public key encryption, allowing organizations to integrate their existing security infrastructure as needed.

Exceptional performance

The Smartcrypt application includes advanced compression functionality, reducing file sizes by up to 95% before encryption is applied. Smaller files require less processing time and storage resources, improving overall system performance. The application also takes advantage of available hardware encryption accelerators, further improving processing times.

Enterprise-wide data encryption is finally an achievable goal. Discover how PKWARE’s Smartcrypt can help your organization keep its critical information safe.


Learn more about the Smartcrypt application.


Technical specs and other key details about the Smartcrypt app.

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The Smartcrypt Application provides client side encryption for sensitive data without disrupting existing processes and workflows.

Persistent File Encryption

Application Layer Encryption

Key Generation

X.509 and OpenPGP Encryption

Digital Signing and Authentication


Cross Platform

Standards Based

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Smartcrypt Application Walkthrough

See how the Smartcrypt application protects sensitive information with persistent data-level encryption, while automating key generation, synchronization, and exchange for end users.

Smartcrypt Manager Walkthrough

Follow along as PKWARE Chief Product Officer Matt Little demonstrates the Smartcrypt management console’s unique key management, policy management, and reporting capabilities.

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