Smartcrypt Data Protection

Smartcrypt Data Protection

Smartcrypt is the only data security platform that can discover, classify, and protect sensitive data in a single automated workflow.

When Smartcrypt detects files containing sensitive information using data discovery, your organization’s policies determine what action Smartcrypt will take. In addition to adding classification tags, administrators can choose from a variety of protection options to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data:

  • Encryption: apply persistent strong encryption that remains with data even when it is shared or copied outside your organization’s network
  • Quarantine: move sensitive files to a specified location
  • Masking: replace sensitive text with unreadable characters
  • Deletion: permanently delete files containing sensitive data

Protection is applied automatically as soon as files are created or modified, with no action by the end user. Encrypted files remain available to users who have access to the correct decryption keys, but cannot be opened or read by unauthorized users.

Smartcrypt can protect data on every enterprise operating system and integrates with Microsoft Outlook and other common business applications. Explore the pages below to learn more about how Smartcrypt can help you meet your data security goals.

  • Smartcrypt for Desktop

    Protect critical information the moment it’s created or saved on user devices.

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  • Smartcrypt for Email

    Maintain the security of your data even after it leaves your organization’s network.

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  • Smartcrypt for Mobile

    Facilitate mobile access to sensitive data without sacrificing security or control.

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  • Smartcrypt for File Servers

    Keep data safe from inappropriate use when stored on file servers or NAS.

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  • Smartcrypt for Mainframe

    Lock down sensitive information while reducing data volumes.

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  • Smartcrypt for Midrange

    Protect enterprise data without disrupting critical workflows.

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  • Application Encryption

    Build Smartcrypt protection into your organization’s applications with a few lines of code.

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  • Smartcrypt TDE

    Lay a strong foundation for regulatory compliance and data security.

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  • Smartcrypt Reader

    Share sensitive data with authorized users outside your organization.

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Smartcrypt Data Protection in Action

Watch a demonstration of Smartcrypt's ability to detect and protect sensitive data without disrupting the user experience.

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Smartcrypt’s data-centric security workflow provides the capabilities your organization needs to take control of your sensitive data and meet your information security goals.

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