Smart Encryption Software Development Kit (SDK)

For developers, security architects or other information workers who want the highest level of security woven into the way they work, the PKWARE Smart Encryption Software Development Kit (SDK) offers a range of easily embedded encryption and performance options.

Smart Encryption SDK features:

  • Strong, easy-to-use encryption to protect data from mainframes and data centers to servers, databases, mobile devices and the cloud
  • Simplified key management that takes the headaches out of access and control
  • Length + Formatting Field Level Encryption, to guard sensitive, identifiable strings information and protect from insider threats
  • Specific security features for Java and Windows
  • A compression library for vastly improved performance and reduced storage (from the inventors of the .ZIP file standard)

Looking for our APPNOTE? PKWARE invented the .ZIP file standard and still manages the ZIP APPNOTE. See the specifications and technical details for .ZIP, one of the most widely used standards in the world.

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