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Smart Encryption SDK: featured solutions

The PKWARE Smart Encryption Software Development Kit (SDK) provides various security and compression features to existing systems, applications, devices and hardware. Here are some of the popular SDK solutions in use by thousands of major businesses.

SecureZIP Toolkit for Java™

The SecureZIP Toolkit for Java is our premier developer solution using the Java language. It includes advanced ZIP archive management and strong data security functionality.

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SecureZIP Toolkit for Windows®

The SecureZIP Toolkit for Windows is our premier developer solution that includes all the capabilities of the PKZIP Toolkit for Windows as well as advanced ZIP archive management and strong data security functionality. The SecureZIP Toolkit leverages Microsoft’s Crypto API technology to enable applications to protect files using a wide range of industry and government standard encryption algorithms. Developers can also build self-extracting capabilities into their applications, allowing users to automatically decompress and extract files. Enterprise edition includes support for OpenPGP encryption format.

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PKZIP Toolkit for Windows

The PKZIP Toolkit for Windows includes all the capabilities of PKWARE’s industry-leading Data Compression Library and adds the ability to create different types of data file archives, including ZIP archives, as well as extract data from a large selection of archive types. The PKZIP Toolkit for Windows also provides many of the advanced archive management functions previously only available in PKWARE’s end-user applications.

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Data Compression Library

The PKWARE Data Compression Library (DCL) for Windows® provides a high-speed interface for compressing and decompressing data within applications, when ZIP file archiving is not required. Already in use by thousands of developers, the DCL is ideal for incorporating basic data compression functionality into an application. DCL compression generally reduces typical data file sizes by 50% or more, while reducing some types of ASCII and database files by as much as 90%.

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