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Smart Encryption SDK: featured solutions

The PKWARE Smart Encryption Software Development Kit (SDK) provides various security and compression features to existing systems, applications, devices and hardware. Here are some of the popular SDK solutions in use by thousands of major businesses.

The SecureZIP Toolkit for Java™ empowers developers and architects to take advantage of PKWARE's trusted encryption and compression capabilities for applications they build running on the Java platform. The SecureZIP Toolkit for Java is based on the PKWARE Smart Encryption Software Development Platform (SDK), which is in use by tens of thousands of businesses for simplified protection of data no matter how it is shared, stored and accessed.

The SecureZIP Toolkit for Windows® enables strong, easy-to-embed protection of data in Microsoft platforms and applications.

Built as part of PKWARE's Smart Encryption Software Development Kit (SDK), the SecureZIP Toolkit for Windows provides data security for Windows applications by harnessing Microsoft’s Crypto API. SecureZIP Toolkit for Windows enables applications to encrypt files using a wide range of industry and government standard symmetric key algorithms including 3DES and AES. Files can be encrypted using either passphrases or X.509-compliant digital certificates, providing the flexibility to work within different security environments. Digital signature capabilities are also available to help ensure file authenticity, integrity, and to support non-repudiation. Additionally, support for LDAP-compliant interfaces allows for the automatic location and retrieval of X.509 certificates for data encryption.

The PKZIP Toolkit for Windows includes PKWARE®’s industry-leading data compression libraries and adds the ability to create different types of data file archives, including ZIP archives, as well as extracting data from a large selection of archive types.

The PKZIP Toolkit for Windows also exposes many of the advanced archive management functions previously only available with PKWARE’s end-user applications. In addition to ZIP archives, the Toolkit can create BZIP2 and GZIP compressed file archives, as well as TAR, UUENCODE, and XXENCODE archives. Extraction capabilities include all these types, plus extraction from CAB, BinHex, ARJ, LZH, and RAR archives. Additionally, ZIP files created with the Toolkit can be extracted on any PKZIP-supported platform (Windows®, UNIX®/Linux®, i5/OS®, or z/OS®).

The PKWARE® Data Compression Library (DCL) for Windows® provides a high-speed interface for compressing and decompressing data files within applications, when ZIP file archiving is not required. DCL compression generally reduces typical data file sizes by 50% or more, while reducing some types of ASCII and database files by as much as 90%.

Please contact our SDK Solutions Representative at 414-221-0135 to make a purchase or for more information.

The SecureZIP® Toolkit for Windows and SecureZIP Toolkit for Java are our premier developer solutions that combine advanced ZIP archive management with strong data security functionality. OpenPGP support is available in the Enterprise edition of SecureZIP Toolkit for Windows and in the SecureZIP Toolkit for Java.

The PKZIP® Toolkit for Windows includes PKWARE’s industry-leading Data Compression Library, as well as the ability to create and extract data from a wide variety of archive types in addition to ZIP.

The PKWARE® Data Compression Library (DCL) for Windows® provides a high-speed interface for compressing and decompressing data within applications when ZIP archiving is not required.

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