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The PKZIP Toolkit for Windows includes PKWARE®’s industry-leading data compression libraries and adds the ability to create different types of data file archives, including ZIP archives, as well as extracting data from a large selection of archive types.

The PKZIP Toolkit for Windows also exposes many of the advanced archive management functions previously only available with PKWARE’s end-user applications. In addition to ZIP archives, the Toolkit can create BZIP2 and GZIP compressed file archives, as well as TAR, UUENCODE, and XXENCODE archives. Extraction capabilities include all these types, plus extraction from CAB, BinHex, ARJ, LZH, and RAR archives. Additionally, ZIP files created with the Toolkit can be extracted on any PKZIP-supported platform (Windows®, UNIX®/Linux®, i5/OS®, or z/OS®).

The PKZIP Toolkit for Windows includes:

  • Shred files using DOD 5220 standard, providing an additional level of configurability for organizations that want to ensure that deleted files are not recoverable.
  • All the compression and decompression capabilities of the DCL.
  • Available for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms as dynamic link libraries.
  • Archive creation using ZIP, GZIP, TAR, BZIP2, UUENCODE, or XXENCODE.
  • Extraction of ZIP, GZIP, TAR, BZIP2, UUENCODE, XXENCODE, CAB, BinHex, ARJ, LZH, and RAR archives.
  • Wavpack extraction support
  • Immediate and deferred archive operation.
  • File shredding.
  • Text line translation.
  • Path storage.
  • Creation of target folders.
  • Progress notification.
  • Multithread-enabled.
  • C/C++ interface, combining easy integration with high performance. 
  • .NET interface
  • UTF-8 International File Name Storage
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