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McAfee® E-Business Server Replacement

SecureZIP eBusiness Edition provides upgraded performance, reduced processing times and expanded capabilities for organizations as they transition away from McAfee’s E-Business Server. SecureZIP eBusiness Edition is a straightforward, drop-in replacement for McAfee E-Business Server. SecureZIP eBusiness Edition provides a range of options for data-centric security and native use on various mainframe and server environments.

  • Compared with McAfee E-Business Server, SecureZIP eBusiness Edition software enables: 73% faster elapsed encryption time and 82% faster elapsed decryption time as well as 92% less CPU encryption time and 73% less CPU decryption time*
  • Manage and limit the exposure to sensitive data: Ensure security as data is exchanged with partners using the ZIP or OpenPGP security formats
  • Reduce data center costs: Benefit from data processing efficiencies and reduced storage requirements by combining encryption and compression
  • Avoid the cost of noncompliance: Encrypt sensitive data to ensure compliance and eliminate audit fines and penalties
  • Satisfy contractual and compliance data protection requirements: Meet partner security requirements when transmitting sensitive data while maintaining governance and compliance during mission critical workflows

Success Story: Large Health Benefits Company

As part of daily business, the Company used McAfee® E-Business Server, which supports PGP encryption, to exchange sensitive data including insurance claims, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and medical treatment history of customers with over 300 partners. In 2012, McAfee publicized the End-of-Life of its McAfee E-Business Server enterprise encryption product. At the time, there was no option for continued support for McAfee E-Business Server. In addition, lengthy CPU and elapsed encryption times for exchanging data with partners were resulting in missed SLAs and associated fines. The Company chose PKWARE SecureZIP eBusiness Edition to replace McAfee E-Business Server because it reduced CPU times and costs while improving encryption capabilities. Secure data transmissions between the Company and its 300+ customers and partners are happening on a 24x7 basis, minimizing the risk of a breach and non-compliance. The Company is now able to reduce data storage usage and ensure faster delivery times to partners than when they were using McAfee E-Business Server.

*Comparison performed on IBM zEEC12 model 708 with 2 zIIP engines running SecureZIP for z/OS v15 and McAfee E-Business Server for z/OS v7.5 on a 2GB binary file.

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