Smart Encryption for mainframe environments – SecureZIP for Linux on IBM® z System

Linux users have an easy-to-implement security solution for their IBM z System environments. SecureZIP software comes in two versions – Enterprise and Standard – to meet Linux and z System security needs without compromising usability or adding any integration headaches. Here are ways SecureZIP for Linux for z System can enable you to cut processing times, increase efficiency and guard your most important enterprise information.

SecureZIP for Linux for z - Standard features include ...

  • Works across all major enterprise computing platforms: Compress, encrypt and send files across all major enterprise computing platforms, including Windows desktops, Windows and UNIX/Linux servers, IBM i, and IBM z/OS.
  • Provides administrative safeguards: Users can encrypt files with passphrases, PKI, or both. For administrators, contingency keys provide access to data processed within z System.
  • Improves application efficiency and security: Through application integration, data is streamed directly to the application. This removes unneeded processing steps and adds protection of the data at its core along the way. (Click here for a graphic that explains how our application integration works.)
  • Drastically reduces file sizes: Automatic compression reduces files by up to 95%. File size reductions save processing time and cut storage costs. (PKWARE is a trusted IBM partner on compression.)
  • Meets federal FIPS guidelines: SecureZIP uses FIPS 140-2 validated encryption, conforming to requirements and best practices for sharing with government customers and clients.

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SecureZIP for Linux for z - Enterprise edition

SecureZIP for Linux for z System Enterprise includes all Standard edition features, plus ...

  • Maintains control when disaster strikes: Even if a passphrase is forgotten or a decryption key is lost, the Enterprise edition of SecureZIP provides support to retain control and security over data.
  • Supports common diretories: LDAP Directory Support Automatically locates, retrieves, and uses encryption keys stored in common directories such as Sun® Directory Server, Novell eDirectory®, and Microsoft Active Directory®.
  • Extends security into mobile & cloud: Along with usable security among internal systems and applications, the Enterprise edition of SecureZIP carries capabilities to extend encryption of data as it is increasingly accessed from mobile devices and in cloud computing environments.

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