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Performance Improvements and a Streamlined Transition Away
from McAfee E-Business Server

SecureZIP eBusiness Edition provides upgraded performance, reduced processing times and expanded capabilities for organizations as they transition away from McAfee’s E-Business Server. SecureZIP eBusiness Edition is a straightforward, drop-in replacement for McAfee E-Business Server. SecureZIP eBusiness Edition is the only replacement that provides a range of options for data-centric security and native use on various mainframe and server environments.

SecureZIP eBusiness Edition Features

  • Compared with McAfee E-Business Server, SecureZIP eBusiness Edition software enables: 73% faster elapsed encryption time and 82% faster elapsed decryption time as well as 92% less CPU encryption time and 73% less CPU decryption time*
  • Complements existing security investments: Can be used with passphrase, public/private key or OpenPGP encryption, as well as digital signatures
  • OpenPGP support: Easily share data with business partners regardless of the partners' data security preference or computing platform
  • Create PGP keys: Make OpenPGP keys using a Java application
  • Exchanges files with other platforms without disrupting existing processes: Streamlines the EBCDIC/ASCII conversion process
  • Includes digital signing/authentication capabilities
  • Passphrase-based strong encryption: Uses 3DES or AES (128-, 192-, or 256-bit) algorithms to encrypt and protect your data
  • Application Integration: Decrypt data and stream it directly to the application without staging decrypted data to disk. After the application completes processing, it streams the data to SecureZIP eBusiness Edition for encryption - once again, unprotected data is never staged to disk
  • Maintains control of data: Contingency key provides administrative access to any processed data
  • System integration: Directly write to, and read from, UNIX/Linux and Windows file systems
  • zIIP support: Offload processing to IBM z Integrated Information Processors (zIIP) to free up general computing capacity and lower overall total cost of computing for select workloads
  • Works across all major enterprise computing platforms: Interoperability with IBM® System i ®, UNIX®/Linux® and Windows® servers, and Windows desktops ensures files can be shared across diverse environments
  • Reduce file size up to 95% ZIP compression allows you to reduce file size up to 95%, saving time and valuable system resources

Migrating from McAfee E-Business Server to SecureZIP eBusiness Edition is easy.

  • No software changes are required for your partners/customers
  • Make and manage OpenPGP keys and keyring files
  • Encrypt, decrypt and sign using the OpenPGP format, just like McAfee E-Business Server
  • Use existing keyrings that were used with McAfee E-Business Server

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*Comparison performed on IBM zEEC12 model 708 with 2 zIIP engines running SecureZIP for z/OS v15 and McAfee E-Business Server for z/OS v7.5 on a 2GB binary file.

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