Smart Encryption and performance software on IBM® Power Systems – SecureZIP for Midrange

SecureZIP brings strong encryption and performance-enhancing compression to IBM Power Systems platforms like i Series® and System i®. With SecureZIP for Midrange, information is encrypted in a way that keeps data safe yet usable as it transfers to other business computing platforms and applications.

SecureZIP for Midrange Enterprise features all Standard edition features, plus ...

  • Maintains control of data: A contingency key (or "master key") provides administrative access to any data processed within the midrange environment.
  • Boosts existing security investments: SecureZIP for Midrange provides encryption that can be used with passphrase; public/private key; digital signatures and authentication; or OpenPGP.
  • Easy access to digital certificates: Software is integrated with LDAP-compliant interfaces for seamless access to digital certificates.
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SecureZIP for Midrange Standard Edition features include ...

  • Simplifies secure data exchanges across platforms: SecureZIP for Midrange streamlines conversion processes like EBCDIC-to-ASCII. Midrange security is compatible with a host of platforms, such as Windows® desktop, Windows and UNIX®/Linux® servers and IBM zSeries®.
  • Smart Encryption with passphrases: Behind the scenes, the most-vetted crypto algorithms (3DES or AES 256-, 192- and 128-bit) ensure protection of data.
  • Security that doesn't break sharing: SecureZIP supports OpenPGP and a slew of security preferences for easier data sharing and transfers.
  • Eliminate steps when writing and saving to disk: Write files directly to and from tape, cutting the need to first save files to disk and enhance the accessibility of files.
  • Automatic installation commands: Cut the need to alter existing processes by using the software's LODRUN command, or manually with the RSTLIB command.
  • Trusted support for IBM security and performance: SecureZIP for Midrange armors data at its core to enhance existing IBM i security. The software comes PKWARE, a trusted partner on compression with IBM.
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