Smart Encryption software for business servers – SecureZIP for Server

SecureZIP for Server merges strong encryption with interoperability for data on and shared by business servers. Following PKWARE's Smart Encryption approach, this version of SecureZIP provides easy-to-use protection for information on UNIX®, Linux® and Windows® servers without disrupting existing operations and processes. Additional features guard from "runaway" encryption, cover government data sharing demands and reduce storage footprints by up to 95%.

The two versions of SecureZIP for Server are built for workable encryption of data on major server environments, as well as extension of that protection as it continues beyond the server.

SecureZIP for Server Standard features

  • Works across all major enterprise computing platforms: Data works securely across platforms, including Windows desktop, Windows and UNIX/Linux servers, IBM i and IBM zSeries.
  • Makes encryption easy to use: Encrypts data using passphrases, public key infrastructure (PKI), or both.
  • Removes security and processing steps: Improves security and processing efficiency by streaming the data directly to the application. See how SecureZIP for Server application integration works
  • Drastically reduces file sizes: Compression reduces file sizes by 95%, saving time, cost and system capacity.
  • Meets FIPS compliance benchmarks: Uses FIPS 140-2 validated encryption libraries, conforming to federal requirements and industry best practices.
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SecureZIP for Server Enterprise features

Includes all features in SecureZIP Standard edition plus...

  • Maintains control of data: Contingency key allows access to any data processed within the server environment.
  • Supports common directories: Automatically locates, retrieves, and uses certificates stored in common directories such as Sun® Directory Server, Novell eDirectory® and Microsoft Active Directory® with LDAP Directory Support.

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