Mainframe Smart Encryption Software – SecureZIP for z/OS

Today's mainframe environments must handle the bulk of an enterprise's information in a way that is safe, simplified and cost efficient. SecureZIP for z/OS enhances the latest capabilities from IBM's mainframe hardware. SecureZIP's Smart Encryption features keep mainframe data protected in storage, in transit or in use. At the same time, continued updates in PKWARE's ZIP invention have sped up mainframe processing by 14-times traditional output. As a long-time partner with IBM on mainframe compression, PKWARE has provided decades of trusted processing and protection enhancements to existing and updated IBM mainframe environments.

SecureZIP for z/OS Standard edition includes ...

  • Encryption and compression that works across all major platforms: SecureZIP features interoperability with IBM® System i®, UNIX®/Linux®, and Windows® servers and Windows desktops. Also, SecureZIP takes advantage of ICSF integration with IBM hardware and software encryption.
  • Compliance for sharing with government partners and clients: SecureZIP uses FIPS 140-2 validated encryption, conforming to federal requirements and industry best practices. It is the first and only encryption solution to meet federal SAFETY Act anti-terrorism standards.
  • Compression and offloading from existing hardware: IBM's z Integrated Information Processors (zIIP) work together with SecureZIP to free up general computing capacity. This offloading cuts processing and storage costs by enhancing existing IBM features. (PKWARE is a trusted compression partner with IBM.)
  • Create automatic archive extractions: With no extra software installation, self-extracting ZIP archives can open on Windows desktops.
  • Direct integration with file systems: Write and read directly to/from UNIX, Linux and Windows file systems.
  • Supports for two integral IBM hardware features: SecureZIP includes ICSF integration with IBM hardware and software encryption. With support for IBM's Protected Key, SecureZIP also blends clear key performance with private key visibility guards.
  • Compression to save space, time and money: Files are reduced by up to 95% through compression that happens in-step with encryption operations.
  • Significantly cuts tape processing: For better archiving and storage, SecureZIP reduces time spent writing files to and extracting files from tape media.
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SecureZIP for z/OS Enterprise include all Standard Edition features plus ...

  • Security based on highly vetted standards: Encrypt data using X.509 certificates and OpenPGP keys and leverage support for digital signatures.
  • Support for various crypto types: SecureZIP works seamlessly with other crypto standards like OpenPGP, enabling easy sharing and encryption/decryption operations with partners and customers.
  • Integration across applications: Stream sensitive data to and from applications, and avoid extra staging and storage steps. (See how SecureZIP for z/OS works here.)
  • Maintain control of enterprise data: Encryption comes backed with a contingency key for administrative or emergency access of data within the mainframe environment.
  • System Authentication Facility (SAF) key stores: Protection for private keys used for signing and decryption located in Security Server Key Rings. Support for managing and using private keys in IBM's SAF-controlled ICSF Cryptographic Key Data Sets (CKDS). An industry-standard key store for sharing keys across multiple applications.
  • Hardened passphrase management: SAF-secured passphrase management eliminates cryptographic passphrase exposure. Passphrase management is isolated from job execution. SecureKey operations support algorithms installed by crypto co-processors.
  • Easy, strong enforcement of information policies: SAF support enables the establishment of security controls as well as contingency key process for recovery and oversight of encrypted data. Resource control can be separated from installation and execution. Create a security audit trail with System Management Facility (SMF) records.
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