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Both product and service retailers continue to focus on the digital and mobile aspects of their businesses. By collecting, aggregating, and analyzing vast quantities of consumer data, these retail and online companies are gaining efficiencies and improving performance while deepening connections with the customers they rely on to grow their business. But the risk of exposing sensitive customer information has never been greater.

The sheer volume of credit card data held by retailers can make them irresistible targets for cyber-attacks. The attack surface is growing every day as retail businesses leverage more and more data-driven technologies to boost sales and reduce inefficiencies. As retailers lean into these digitally-transformed business models, it’s crucial to lay an early groundwork to prevent cyberattacks that could impact both revenue and reputation.



Safeguard New Technology

Everything from cloud computing to electronic payment systems needs to be evaluated for security from both internal and external hazards.


Usable Security

Data security measures cannot get in the way of providing customer service, internal communication, or other important business needs such as business intelligence and other analytics.


Knowing What Comes Next

Attempted attacks are inevitable; retail businesses need a documented response and recovery plan to counteract the effects.

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