Protect structured data and maintain regulatory compliance

Structured data accounts for a small percentage of a typical organization's total data volume, but it contains some of the most sensitive and valuable information a company owns—customer information, financial transaction details, and other important records.

Strong encryption is the best approach for protecting sensitive structured data against internal and external security threats, and is required by PCI-DSS and other government and industry mandates. When integrated into an organization-wide data protection strategy, database encryption allows access by authorized users and applications, while keeping database records safe from unauthorized use.

PKWARE's Smartcrypt provides two flexible, easy-to-implement options for encrypting structured data, allowing each organization to create a tailored data protection solution.

Protection for every use case

Depending on an organization's data security goals and regulatory obligations, it may need to simply protect structured data at rest, or apply persistent encryption that travels with data even when it's copied or sent outside the database environment. Smartcrypt provides the capabilities organizations need in order to implement either approach to database encryption.

  • Smartcrypt Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) provides strong encryption for data at rest. Smartcrypt TDE can be used to protected sensitive data, including database files, on Windows servers. Administrators use Smartcrypt's user-based access controls to define appropriate use and prevent unauthorized parties from accessing the encrypted data. When authorized users request data from a protected location, the encryption is removed before the data is transferred, making the protection transparent to end users.

    Smartcrypt TDE can also protect unstructured data in documents, spreadsheets, and hundreds of other file types, allowing organizations to implement a single solution for protecting data at rest across the enterprise.

  • Smartcrypt Application Encryption is a software development kit that enables organizations to add persistent field-level encryption to existing applications with only a few new lines of code. Field-level encryption involves encrypting data in specific columns or tables within a database. If encrypted data is exported for use in another location, the encryption travels with it, protecting it from inappropriate use. Administrators can configure Smartcrypt to preserve the length and/or format of protected data in order to maintain referential integrity.

    Smartcrypt Application Encryption is available in a variety of common programming languages, including Java, C++, COBOL, and many others.

Centralized reporting and management

Both Smartcrypt TDE and Smartcrypt Application Encryption can be managed via the Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager, PKWARE's powerful administration console. The Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager provides a simple web-based interface, with full visibility into protected locations and applications.

The Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager can also administer PKWARE's other data protection solutions, providing a single point of control for data protection activity across the organization.