Maximize the security of your encrypted data

Together with strong encryption algorithms and secure key management practices, random data is one of the essential elements of cryptography. Random numbers are used as inputs for key generation, key wrapping, authentication, and many other common cryptographic functions.

When configured with a quantum random number generator (qRNG), the PKWARE Enterprise Manager delivers true random data for use in key generation and other applications, providing the highest level of security for critically important data

The power of quantum technology

Random data for cryptographic applications is typically obtained from a physical random number generator, a software-based pseudorandom number generator, or from a combination of the two. These technologies, when properly implemented, are able to pass standard tests for randomness and cryptographic security. However, most of today’s common approaches to random number generation have limitations which can leave sensitive data vulnerable to attack.

Quantum random number generators detect random quantum effects and convert those fluctuations into a stream of binary digits. As quantum phenomena are random by definition, the data generated by a QRNG has full entropy and cannot be predicted by any means. This approach eliminates the tradeoffs associated with other random data sources and provides the highest possible security against potential key attacks.

Quantum random data, delivered

A high-output quantum random number generator is available as an optional feature of the PKWARE Enterprise Manager when deployed as a hardware appliance. The qRNG was developed by QuintessenceLabs, PKWARE’s technology partner and the world's leading provider of quantum cybersecurity solutions.

PKWARE's qRNG feature generates random data by measuring a phenomenon in which particles travel across a barrier that—according to classical mechanics—they should not be able to cross. The phenomenon creates random fluctuations in an electrical current, which are measured, digitized, and digitally processed to generate ultra-high bandwidth random numbers. Full-entropy data is generated at 1Gb/second, and can be harnessed for key generation or any other cryptographic application.

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