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Server Product Updates

Ensure that you are current on maintenance releases and using the most updated versions of SecureZIP® and PKZIP® for Windows®, UNIX®, and Windows server products. 

v14.4 Maintenance Release

This maintenance release is available for all users of PKZIP Server and SecureZIP Server.

Depending on the terms of your maintenance agreement, this upgrade may have an associated cost.

v14 Downloads

Instructions for Installing the IBM®-AIX® Maintenance Release
IBM AIX Type Size Download
PKZIP for IBM-AIX Servers 14 .bff 38.6MB download
SecureZIP for IBM-AIX Servers 14 .bff 38.6MB download

Customer's installing this product on AIX must have version or newer of the AIX runtime library xlC.rte. Customer's with older versions of xlC.rte should consider evaluating the V12.5 version of PKZIP Server or SecureZIP Server for AIX. V12.5 is available by selecting the link below for archived maintenance releases.

v14 Product Enhancements

What's New in V14.40.0027

  • New legacy OpenPGP mode operates as EBS.EXE or PGP.EXE for drop in replacement of existing OpenPGP programs..
  • New native 64 bit program file for HP-UX on Itanium.
  • New native 64 bit program file for Linux.
  • Update OpenSSL version to 1.0.1g.

What's New in V14.3

  • Prevent decryption of unsigned OpenPGP files.
  • Use OpenPGP keys from HTTP key servers.
  • Create OpenPGP encryption groups
  • Enable UTF-8 setting by default.
  • eBusiness Edition only
    • Signing OpenPGP keys in keyrings.
    • Enabling/disabling OpenPGP keys in keyrings.
    • Set OpenPGP trust settings on keys.
    • Improved listing of OpenPGP keyrings providing brief and detailed views.
    • List signers and trust settings on OpenPGP keys.
    • Add and remove OpenPGP keys from key servers over HTTP.
    • Translation utility available for supporting native OpenPGP command syntax.

What's New in V14.2

  • Added support for single-file OpenPGP files that do not include first wrapping the file using TAR
  • Added new command options to specify custom locations for OpenPGP keyring files

What's New in V14.1

  • Support decryption using archived digital certificates
  • Specify OpenPGP keyring locations using new command line options
  • Support for the IDEA algorithm with OpenPGP encryption
  • Support for multiple email addresses within OpenPGP keys
  • Adding comments to OpenPGP files
  • Support for OpenPGP ASCII Armor encoding
Windows Server Only
  • Support using LDAP v3 connections

What's New in V14.0

  • Added support to create and extract OpenPGP files
  • Added support for digital time stamping of signed archives
  • Added ability to extract 7-Zip files and CD/DVD Data Image files
  • Added capability to display message digest in support of ONC Final Rule, Module S (Integrity)
  • Added file search logic
  • “Sign” will now work as a command, as well as an option
  • Users can run the program without an active profile
  • Added extraction extended attribute setting
Windows Server Only
  • New FastAES feature will take advantage of Intel® processors that support AES-NI
  • New ability to preserve Zone Identifier information in downloaded files

v14.4 Product Fixes

Product Fixes in V14.40.0027
10422 – Fixed a program crash using TAR files with "./" paths in .gz/.bz2 format.
11472 – Fixed an incorrect compression algorithm report when using OpenPGP files.
11478 – Correct a message display error when using -mt on single-CPU systems.
10480 – Corrected a problem using TAR files that created an empty folder with -dir=none.
11513 – Improved memory usage when using time stamps.
11549 – Corrected an error that prevented OCSP lookups.
11570 – Corrected an error causing expired certificates to be selected instead of non-expired ones.
11602 – Corrected an error extracting TAR files from a pipe that stops reading from the pipe before the file end is reached.
11617 – Fixed an incorrect report of expired OpenPGP keys.
11570 – Fixed an incorrect report of some expired OpenPGP keys as valid.
11694 – Corrected an error extracting NTFS-compressed files from 7z archives when sub-folder does not exist.
11715 – Fixed incorrect progress information displayed when using -mt.
11773 – Corrected a problem using strict checking with Windows CRL's that may not return all certificates.
11833 – Corrected an error when FIPS initialization failed on file extraction.
11890 – Corrected an error causing PKCerttool to fail to locate certificates in the MY store.
11902 – Expanded GZIP file support to set ASCII setting on files when detected.
11903 – Corrected an error that lists certificates having incorrect time nesting ranges as expired.
11930 – Corrected an error creating single-file OpenPGP files when encrypting files having names longer than 32 characters.
12014 – Added report of files not found when using legacy OpenPGP mode with a file that does not exist.
12016 – Detect and set encryption option on command line when it is not the first parameter.

v14.3 Product Fixes

Product Fixes in V14.30.0010
10593 – Fixed incorrect report of SHA1 as available under FIPS mode
11087 – Corrected a problem with DSA signatures may result in a wrong hash size
11153 – Support using primary DSA key ID for selecting Elgamal encryption key
11154 – Corrected a FIPS initialization error
11168 – Support using “0x” prefix with OpenPGP short key ID’s
11222 – Correct a problem that may occur when creating .TGZ or .TBZ files resulting in wrong file permissions
11223 – Fixed an unexpected program termination when skipping a file during .TGZ or .TBZ extraction.
11232 – Allow .Z as a valid file extension when using –archivetype=zip
11319 – Corrected a problem resulting in a zero-byte file when streaming TAR files
11332 – Fixed a possible program crash when adding files to an open archive
11333 – Fixed a problem with “pkcerttool” causing a “Failed to delete certificate from store” error.
11335 – Corrected a problem using –overwrite=increment as a configured setting
11389 – Report the number of OpenPGP keys listing keys on a keyring
11393 – Added tolerance for OpenPGP keys having v2 signatures
11400 – Added a new configuration setting to force naming decrypted OpenPGP output files with the same name as the encrypted .PGP file
11401 – Improve OpenPGP key listing to show short key ID
11402 – Suppress signature and UID information from key listing reports by default

v14.2 Product Fixes

Product Fixes in V14.20.0029
Corrected a problem using version 3 OpenPGP keys that may cause these keys to not be properly recognized or used

v14.1 Product Fixes

Product Fixes in V14.10.0013
11402 – Corrected a critical issue with creating ZIP files that affects users of V14.10.0011 on all platforms which would result in unreadable .ZIP files.  This update should be installed by anyone using V14.10.0011
Product Fixes in V14.10.0011
9823 – Resolved a display issue where “unknown” may appear in OpenPGP file views9828 – Corrected a problem using TAR files having long file names
10006 – Corrected an issue where an encrypted OpenPGP file may result when encryption is not licensed
10203 – Corrected a problem where passing an empty string such as “” may cause the program to end unexpectedly
10895 – Corrected a problem that may cause an unexpected private key password prompt when creating OpenPGP files
10897 – Corrected a problem on HP-UX that resulted in unexpected characters appearing in private key passphrase prompts
10903 – Fixed a problem causing “pkcerttool” to be unable to read from some PKCS#12 private key files
11072 – Corrected a problem causing the program to end unexpectedly when entering a license key
11138 – Corrected a problem on AIX that may allow the software to install onto systems having an incorrect version of the AIX runtime library xlC present
11270 – Fixed a problem when extracting files that resulted in an incorrect E19 error to occur
11284 – Corrected a problem on Linux which may result in an incorrect file size to be reported and which may cause a CRC error report to appear
11301 – Corrected a problem that may result in OpenPGP files not opening using 3rd party OpenPGP software
Product Fixes in V14.0
6807 – Added ability to view z/OS native block I/O in detail display of view
7655 – Added option to remove ZDW
8993 – Added multiple components to Strict Checking
9162 – Improved program behavior when tab is present in archive comments
9567 – Improved unexpected program behavior, by adding error message when out of memory
9711 – Improved program behavior when EHLO does not work properly
Windows Server Only
2002 – Improved error reporting with corrupted archives
8839 – Added ability to allow parameterization of policy file reg key
HP-UX Only
4783 – No longer remove license key during uninstall

Older Server Updates

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