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Mainframe Updates

Download the latest levelset to obtain the most recent fixes and features for your version of SecureZIP® and PKZIP® for z/OS. You must use the levelset matching to the base install version you are currently using.  You cannot upgrade to a new version using the levelsets below.  For example, if you are currently running version 14, you cannot use the version 15 levelset below to upgrade to version 15.

Support for IBM z13 is available starting with V15 Refresh 6 and V14 Refresh 12.

Don’t see what you’re looking for or need to install a different version? Contact PKWARE® Tech Support online or call +1.937.847.2687 (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CT).

NameFormat  Size Post Date
 SecureZIP v15 Levelset (Refresh 8)   EXE   33.0MB   02.11.2016
 SecureZIP v14 Levelset (Refresh 12)   EXE   30.3MB   05.05.2015
 SecureZIP v12 Levelset (Refresh 10)   EXE   23.7MB   06.10.2015
 PKZIP v15 Levelset (Refresh 8)   EXE  31.3MB   02.11.2016
 PKZIP v14.0 Levelset (Refresh 12)   EXE  28.6MB   05.05.2015
 PKZIP v12.0 Levelset (Refresh 10)   EXE  22.5MB   06.10.2015
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