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Protecting sensitive data within government agencies is an obvious necessity. Increased regulations, security standards, and compliance mandates demand a more evolved data security solution…Not to mention protecting sensitive data so it can easily and securely be exchanged with other departments, agencies, contractors, and companies, regardless of their computing systems. You need a security solution that can handle vast amounts of data, while still offering flexibility and strong security you can depend on.

Secure sensitive information and conserve storage space.

By protecting and compressing data, SecureZIP helps government agencies tackle the challenge of large amounts of data and increasing regulations. Storage space is conserved. Sensitive information is secure. All without added infrastructure costs for you or your partners.

Your Unique Challenges Our Unique Solutions
Compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, demand a comprehensive plan for audit and recovery. SecureZIP allows you to access data across your organization. You can enforce data security policies and ensure data availability without fearing the auditors.
As a government agency, you are required to comply with the FIPS 140 security standard. SecureZIP is FIPS 140 compliant. You can meet the encryption standards mandated by NIST, and continue business as usual.
The sheer volume of data is overwhelming. Finding enough space in your existing infrastructure to store all that data is becoming increasingly difficult. SecureZIP not only protects your data, it also reduces file size and required storage space by up to 95%. Conserve storage space and eliminate the need to purchase additional storage.
Exchanging information with multiple business partners results in multiple headaches. SecureZIP PartnerLink allows you to share information seamlessly with external partners without impacting their budgets. Increased partner acceptance. Minimized IT standardization costs.

FIPS Compliance

SecureZIP offers government agencies the ability to use validated cryptographic modules for protecting data when run in FIPS mode, helping achieve FIPS compliance.

FIPS Validation Cert # FIPS Level
Win2K 103 140-1*
WinXP 238 140-1*
WinXP w/SP3 989 140-2
Vista 893/1002 140-2
Windows 7 1330 140-2
Win2003 382 140-2
Win2008 1010 140-2
Win2008 R2 1337 140-2
UNIX/Linux 918 140-2
Z900, z800 118 140-1*
Z990, z890 524 140-2
Z990, z890, Z9EC, z9BC, z10EC 661 140-2

*click here to view NIST's position on FIPS 140-1

FIPS-197 Compliance

SecureZIP meets the FIPS-197 advanced encryption standard, as dictated by NIST.

FDCC Compliance

SecureZIP operates correctly on FDCC configured desktops.

*The NIST has announced FIPS 140 algorithm changes that will go into effect by year end 2010. PKWARE will continue to support FIPS 140 compliance needs with our latest version releases.

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