DLP Enhancement

Extending DLP Protection

Data loss prevention (DLP) technology is an essential component of today’s cybersecurity strategies, allowing organizations to detect data breaches and prevent unauthorized data transmission or exfiltration by finding, monitoring, and blocking data leaving the network as the result of user action. But data encryption, while critically important for enterprise cybersecurity, often makes DLP less effective, especially when applied by end-users without organizational control, because encryption renders the data unreadable to DLP scanners.

Enhance DLP with Policy-Based Encryption

Discovery Capabilities

Discover sensitive data efficiently at the petabyte scale using PK Discovery on cloud, databases, and large data platforms, with better results to enhance the DLP metadata.

Streamline DLP

Our complimentary solutions make DLP a smoother and less bulky process, especially for businesses running fewer platforms.

Decrypt for Scanning

Transmissions of encrypted data that require DLP inspection are automatically routed for decryption and converted with a policy key for inspection before continuing on.

Define Contingency Keys

Never lose access to encrypted information by including policy keys in every encryption operation and protecting sensitive data with a variety of encryption key types.

Remediate Unprotected Data

Unencrypted sensitive data transmissions will not be blocked or re-routed, but instead flagged and encrypted before sending.

Efficient and Effective

PK Protect solutions easily integrate with DLP prevention technology to enhance an organization’s existing security programs.

Give DLP Enhanced Visibility

Encryption often prevents DLP from inspecting data as it leaves an organization, while DLP can lack the ability to encrypt unprotected data according to policy. With company-controlled keys included in each encryption operation, PKWARE enables DLP scanners to decrypt content that has been encrypted elsewhere in the organization. Include policy keys within agents that decrypt data as required for DLP inspection.

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