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Solving data Security Complexities in a Digital World with Persistent Encryption

The security of sensitive information has emerged as a critical concern for organizations across the globe, especially in an era dominated by digital transformation. With IBM Z handling 70% of global production workloads, its role in managing a vast majority of the world’s sensitive data underscores the significant challenge of protecting this information beyond its initial secure storage. This reliance on IBM Z systems not only highlights their importance in data processing infrastructure but also the magnitude of responsibility in safeguarding data from potential threats as it moves beyond the mainframe’s secure confines.

As data moves through various networks and platforms in distributed environments, its vulnerability to unauthorized access and potential breaches increases. Movement into a less secure, distributed ecosystem introduces a myriad of security challenges exposing vulnerabilities. PK Encrypt offers persistent encryption which offers robust, continuous protection of sensitive information, irrespective of its location or lifecycle stage, addressing the critical need for a security solution that adapts to the evolving landscape of digital threats.

Data Distribution from the mainframe to the cloud highlights vulnerabilities

The reliance on IBM Z for processing and storing a substantial portion of sensitive data underscores its importance in the global data ecosystem. While data is securely encrypted on Direct Access Storage Devices (DASD), ensuring limited access, the security measures face significant challenges once the data embarks on its journey across distributed environments. Here are commonly identified complexities of maintaining Z-level security during data distribution, highlighting the risks of unauthorized access and the loss of encryption in transit.

The Solution: PKWARE’s Persistent Encryption

PKWARE redefines data security with its Persistent Encryption solution, ensuring that sensitive data remains encrypted, irrespective of its state or location. This revolutionary approach guarantees that even if data falls into the wrong hands, it remains inaccessible without the encryption key. This section outlines the principles of Persistent Encryption and its implementation through PKWARE’s suite of encryption solutions, including PK Encrypt for Z.

Why PK Encrypt: The Importance of Persistent Encryption

The security of sensitive information is not just a technical requirement but a critical component of an organization’s integrity and reliability. Persistent Encryption addresses the urgent need for a security solution that is both comprehensive and adaptable to the evolving threats in data protection.

PK Protect for z/OS The Future of Mainframe Data Protection

PK Protect for z/OS solves the issue of sensitive data duplication, replication, and proliferation. It is one of the most secure methods for managing personally identifiable information (PII), thereby ensuring data privacy and adherence to compliance regulations. PK Protect for z/OS is a natural combination with PK Encrypt by allowing you to discover where all of your data lives in the mainframe but taking the next steps to remediate it with persistent encryption.

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