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The world’s accomplishments depend on data security. Join PKWARE CEO Spencer Kupferman every month as he chats with data security experts on eliminating security gaps, taking control of sensitive data, and meeting the most stringent data compliance requirements. Tune in to find out how industry leaders are eliminating data security gaps and achieving compliance goals.

18. IBM and the Future of Cybersecurity

In our latest Productivity Protected Podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Meredith Stowell, Vice President of IBM Z Ecosystem. With her extensive background in technology and a deep understanding of IBM’s innovative solutions, Stowell shared her insights about her journey into technology, the evolution of mainframe technology, the impact of quantum-resistant cryptography, the intersection of Telum and AI with mainframe cybersecurity, the challenges posed by rapid AI advancements, and the key takeaways about IBM Z Ecosystem.

17. The Fundamentals of Dynamic Masking

In this podcast, we are speaking with Nidhi Mahajan, an expert from our Engineering Team, discussing our recently released Dynamic Masking feature. We discuss the differences between Dynamic Masking and Static Masking, highlighting our real-time approach and preservation of original data along with ensuring data integrity and ensuring compliance is met. Nidhi highlights how user-friendly PKWARE’s Dynamic Masking is, with its intuitive interface, easy implementation and how the solution delivers robust data protection without compromise. Tune in to gain valuable insights from Nidhi’s experience and learn about the cutting-edge capabilities of PKWARE’s Dynamic Masking.

16. Data Risk Management: Best Practices and Predictions

As data has evolved over the years, so too has data risk management changed and evolved. Mandates such as HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and PCI DSS continue to adjust how organizations collect, use, store, and protect their data, while new advancements such as AI offer new ways to achieve—or circumvent—that protection. Converge VP Solution Architecture Dan Gregory joins host Spencer Kupferman to talk about security cultures, personalized data risk assessments, and what listeners can do today to prepare for the cybersecurity needs of tomorrow.

15. Understanding Sensitive Data Discovery

Sensitive data discovery seems like a straightforward process, but in reality, it’s a nuanced practice that involves detailed understanding in order to make sure that organizations are as aware and protected as possible. Businesses must have a comprehensive view of data that is easy to implement and use, and can scale as data inevitably grows. Bloor Research Senior Analyst Daniel Howard joins host Spencer Kupferman to discuss data discovery and data governance, the challenges organizations face with discovery, and the importance of having an inclusive and ongoing process to protect sensitive data.

14. Women in Tech: How Far We’ve Come and What’s Next

At PKWARE, we’ve always been about progress, and that includes building an organization that celebrates and encourages women in technology and leadership roles. In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, join Kathy Myhand, VP of People, and Jothi Agnitha, Engineering, along with guest host Dawn Jonckowski, Director of Corporate Communications, as they discuss the women who’ve blazed the trails for them and how to encourage the upcoming generations on their tech and leadership career journeys.

13. Stopping Cybercrime Before It Starts: Dark Web Threat Intelligence

The dark web is home to the fraud economy and multiple criminal communities, rife with stolen data. It’s a complex and twisted environment that the average internet user should avoid, but what happens when they learn their data is available for sale there? Founder and CEO of Q6 Cyber Eli Dominitz joins host Spencer Kupferman to discuss his career evolution into dark web threat intelligence, how to unravel and identify threat sources, and why businesses should always have an expert monitoring the dark web on their behalf.

12. Why Cybersecurity Needs Ethical Hackers

Protecting your data sometimes requires thinking like a threat actor. Enter ethical hackers, authorized security experts that try to break into your systems on purpose so you know where to improve security measures. Hacker and CypherCon founder Michael Goetzman joins Spencer Kupferman to share his tech journey into ethical hacking and how the annual CypherCon hacking event has impacted the cybersecurity world for the better.

11. Why UX/UI is Crucial to Cybersecurity Software

User interface and experience design is one of the most critical aspects of successful software. Done well, UX/UI actually goes largely unnoticed, and users will intuitively perform the right actions. With complex solutions like cybersecurity, user interface and experience become even more central to ensuring the right steps are performed to discover and protect data. UX/UI experts Mike Kornacki and Mike Rhode join host Spencer Kupferman to unpack more about UX/UI design, the science behind it, and how it can contribute to an organization’s cybersecurity.

10. Leading the Way: Israel’s Investment in Cybersecurity

Over the past several decades, Israel has become a powerhouse in cybersecurity, supplying a large percentage of the world’s cyber technology. Israel has also focused on assisting smaller nations in creating cybersecurity startups. Josh Cohen, Director of Cyber Security at the Economic and Trade Office at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C., joins host Spencer Kupferman to discuss more about Israel’s ongoing investment in cybersecurity both for its own nation and the world.

9. What CFOs Should Know About Data Breaches

In many organizations, the CFO’s responsibility in overseeing company funds puts them in control of signing off on risks, including how data is handled. CFOs end up playing a specific role in helping their organization prepare for the inevitable risk of a cyber-attack. PKWARE CFO Matt Zomboracz joins host Spencer Kupferman to discuss his experience in protecting sensitive data during his career in finance, as well as what CFOs need to know about data breaches.

8. From ZIP to Data Protection: The Evolution of a Software Company

The ZIP file revolutionized the way information could be shared between computers prior to the internet, and it was invented by none other than PKWARE founder Phil Katz. Our unique role as a trusted data compression provider has enabled PKWARE to evolve over the last four decades to now include encryption and other forms of data security. Senior Director of Software Development Engineering and PKWARE historian Jack Dale joins Spencer Kupferman to talk about the journey from ZIP to data protection.

7. Learning from the Top: Women in Tech Leadership

There are more than one million people employed in cybersecurity in the US, yet only a quarter of that workforce are women. The statistics are similar for women in leadership roles: They hold only 23 percent of executive roles, and in the tech industry, that drops to a shocking 19 percent. Technology expert Milena Gacheva and PKWARE President and CRO Tonya Cannady join Spencer Kupferman to talk about their journeys in tech and leadership and how others can use their experience to carve a path to the top.

6. Succeeding in the Technology Partner Ecosystem

Technology partnerships are designed to drive efficiency through integration. One of PKWARE’s top partners, TrustArc, allows us to focus on delivering solutions that help companies navigate the ever-evolving landscape of global data privacy legislation. TrustArc CEO Chris Babel joins PKWARE SVP Global Partnerships JT Sison and CEO Spencer Kupferman for a discussion on how to succeed in the technology partner ecosystem.

5. 3 Tips for Shielding Sensitive Data

Consumers are becoming more and more savvy about their data: where it’s shared, who has it, and what they do with it. Over the past few years we’ve also seen a rise in volume of data privacy regulations, which creates additional challenge for international organizations. Harveer Singh, Chief Data Architect and Global Head of Engineering at Western Union joins Spencer Kupferman to discuss the importance of understanding what’s behind data privacy initiatives so your customers can be confident with how your business handles their private data.

4. PCI DSS 4.0 is Here. Now What?

PCI DSS version 4.0 was finally announced publicly on March 31, 2022. While companies have until March 31, 2024, to begin complying with 4.0, there are some notable changes that you should prep for now. Data expert Chris Pin joins Spencer Kupferman to talk about the differences in PCI DSS 4.0 and why you’re going to want the full two-year prep time for updating your compliance.

3. War on the Cyber Front

Conventional war is extending now to include cyberwarfare, malicious cyber attacks coinciding with military strikes on the ground that create an entirely new battleground. Cybersecurity expert Joe Faxlanger, Cyber Solutions Executive at RockITek, joins PKWARE Field CTO Mark Punzirudu and host Spencer Kupferman to discuss this move to cyberwarfare, the unintended consequences of these attacks, and the ethics involved in fighting back on the digital warfront.

2. Protection on the Move: Shifting Cybersecurity to Protect Remote Work

The last two years stretched workforces in many ways, especially with the addition of remote and hybrid workplaces. In all of this, protecting data still remains crucial to business operations. With these work models here to stay, it’s time for organizations to more closely review how they’re managing data as it moves from on-prem to cloud to outside environments. Chief Technology Officer Jason Dobbs joins Spencer Kupferman on this episode to discuss the importance of maintaining consistency and creating a safe environment—for your data, your colleagues, and your company.

1. Welcome to PKWARE

Cyber-attacks are becoming more common. In the last year, ransomware attacks alone increased by triple digit percentages! One thing is for certain—sensitive data needs protection that is easy to use, yet impossible to break. At PKWARE, we are committed to keeping the world’s data protected without sacrificing the productivity of those working with it. In this first episode, learn more about host Spencer Kupferman, the people and mission of PKWARE, and why cybersecurity is our driving passion.