Data Security for Hadoop Environments

Despite the growing use of the cloud, large organizations are still heavily leveraging large on-premises Hadoop environments. It’s still vital, then, to recognize the importance of securing on-premises Hadoop environments infrastructure. In a 2020 survey, BARC found that nearly half of Hadoop users were not using any tools for data governance or security.

Hadoop is a collection of open-source projects, sub-projects, and vendor-developed extensions that work together to enable data-centric applications.

Comprehensive Hadoop Coverage

Complete Data Visibility

Know where your data is, what data is sensitive, and who is accessing that data with what frequency

Confidence to Scale

Distribute security services directly into the Hadoop cluster so that performance and scalability can scan as the business grows

Breach Risk Management

Enforce the most appropriate remediation actions to prevent financial and reputation damage from a breach

Differentiated Encryption/Masking

Precise element-level protection through various high-performance masking or encryption techniques

Compliance and Comprehensive Reporting

Protect all data in all versions of Hadoop while maintaining compliance with PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and more

Range of Protection

Structured, semi-structured, and fully unstructured data formats are all secure

Data-Centric Security for Hadoop

Hadoop offers powerful ways to improve data delivery, optimize costs, and detect fraud. Yet while Hadoop enables enterprises to turn data into valuable information faster, organizations need to be able to ensure that is done securely. With a broad range of tools to cover data ingest, data at rest, and data for analytics, PK Protect has been tested and certified for comprehensive Hadoop coverage. Available support includes FTP, Flume, Sqoop, Spark, Pig, HIVE, and standalone tools for R / ODBC connections.

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