Data Discovery Solutions

Find Sensitive Data Wherever It Resides Across the Enterprise

Integrated Discovery for Improved Protection

Extensive and Scalable Platform Support

Supported discovery for the most widely used data repositories, capable of scanning both high volume and high velocity.

Uncover Hidden Data

Ensure sensitive data is continually identified as more data is amassed.

Real-Time Protection

Enable continuous discovery on endpoints and file shares, or schedule scans on data repositories based on policy needs.

Sensitive Types and Risky Combinations

Scan for pre-defined or unique sensitive types, as well as locate identifiers, pseudo-identifiers, and quasi-identifiers.

Execute Retention Policies

Create rules to classify, archive, delete, or move data based on data type, age, and more.

Context of Error

Maintain confidence with minimized false-positives and elimination of false-negatives.

Personal data is everywhere: on-premises and in the cloud, from file servers and databases to data warehouses and data lakes, to individual endpoints. PK Discovery automatically finds sensitive data wherever it lives and moves.

Continuously Monitor for Sensitive Information

PK Discovery initiates regular scanning based on your organization’s definition of sensitive data. If the data fits a defined pattern, the system can automatically initiate the next steps.

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Award-Winning Solutions

PKWARE’s solutions have won multiple prestigious industry awards for sensitive data discovery and protection.