Intellectual Property Protection

Policy-Based Protection

Intellectual property such as patents, trade secrets, or even employee know-how can be even more valuable than a company’s physical assets. Proprietary information must be protected, which requires knowing what needs to be protected, how, and from whom.

Integrate with Remediation

Static Database Masking

Protect intellectual property within the database from being revealed and misused.

Extensive Protection Options

Protect intellectual property with masking at character-level, custom value, format-preserving, redaction, and more.

Dynamic Capabilities

Ensure that data remains ultimately usable by adding masking and access controls to data only when it’s queried for use.

Machine Learning

Find information that may be semantically ambiguous using context and machine learning.

Persistent Protection

Automatically encrypt files and emails wherever they are shared or stored, even when they travel outside the company network.

Uncover Hidden Data

The more data you amass, the less likely you are to know what you have.

Real-Time Policy Enforcement

When it comes to protecting sensitive data such as intellectual property, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. PKWARE’s discovery and remediation solutions offer multiple data protection options—including using keyword and pattern matching to identify sensitive projects—that connect to a wide variety of operating systems.

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