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Emerging encryption strategies for the enterprise
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Security and key management should be tied to the data itself

– Eric Hanselman

Software-Defined Information Security

Threats to your businesses' reputation have never been greater: malicious attacks, system snoops and employee mistakes all expose vital personal and customer information. Developers are under extreme pressure to protect information without interrupting how enterprises share, store and send information.

PKWARE Smart Encryption Platform

Smart Encryption is an all-software approach that scales with your business, fortifying your security infrastructure. It’s easily embedded and managed without changing the way people work, simplifying integration for developers and architects. Smart Encryption works on every operating platform, with every major computing language and is based on open standards, ensuring data is safe in transit and in storage, inside and outside the enterprise.

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Thieves, Snoops and Idiots

The world of data protection is under attack from three main threats: thieves, snoops and idiots. Well, that’s how we categorize internally the risks facing business information security. Starting in 2015, we’ve started to broadcast what we mean by thieves, snoops and idiots – and what both business leaders and security developers can do about them.

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