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Software-Defined Information Security

Threats to your businesses' reputation have never been greater: malicious attacks, system snoops and employee mistakes all expose vital personal and customer information. Developers are under extreme pressure to protect information without interrupting how enterprises share, store and send information.

PKWARE Smart Encryption Platform

Smart Encryption is an all-software approach that scales with your business, fortifying your security infrastructure. It’s easily embedded and managed without changing the way people work, simplifying integration for developers and architects. Smart Encryption works on every operating platform, with every major computing language and is based on open standards, ensuring data is safe in transit and in storage, inside and outside the enterprise.

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Why Smart Encryption?

Most enterprise security is focused on endpoints and devices. PKWARE is focused on securing data itself, simplifying the process by being invisible to users and easy to deploy for developers and architects. The PKWARE Smart Encryption Platform simplifies implementation of encryption into existing systems.

Smart Encryption SDK
How can I embed security as part of application development?
Digital Signing+Authentication
Our company has to guarantee the integrity of data and files as they're transmitted and at rest.
Cross-Platform Distribution
Adding security sounds great, but my CISO wants something that can be used across all our different platforms.
Secure Data Exchange
I have data from various partners. How can I share it securely and without fear of it getting lost among our volumes of data?
Portable Data Protection
My data center and servers have layers of protection. My employee's laptops and new mobile devices do not—but absolutely must.
Achieve Compliance
I'm under the gun to meet a host of regulatory requirements.
Seamless Integration
Our IT budget is tight. Building something entirely new for security or unstructured data isn't an option. How can we add to what's already in place?

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The only way to solve this security problem is to protect data at its core with strong encryption.

–Miller Newton, PKWARE CEO & President

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