Encryption Key Management

Maintain Full Control Over Your Organization’s Encryption Keys

Maintaining Control

As organizations shift more of their data and business processes to the cloud, data protection and key management become more complex. Furthermore, effective key management is essential for any encryption system.

Many organizations need to maintain full control over their encryption keys to comply with contractual requirements, regulatory mandates, and/or internal policies. The right key management solution will ensure that sensitive data is protected against theft or misuse while eliminating the risk that your company will lose access to its own data. PKWARE’s PK Protect Endpoint Manager (PEM) solution allows you to do just that. It discovers your sensitive data with a high level of accuracy and protects it through classification, and remediations like, encryption, and redaction wherever it resides and moves.

The Right Keys for the Job


Use system-generated or user-created passphrases based on company policy.


Extract and decrypt files that comply with the OpenPGP standard, create OpenPGP files, and apply digital signatures.


A key specific to PKWARE operations that links encryption keys with user identities for greater control in or out of the company network.

Contingency Keys

Decrypt files that were encrypted by anyone in the organization, whether the files were passphrase-encrypted or encrypted for specific recipients.

Microsoft Double Key Encryption Integration

Utilize the seamless experiences with encrypted Office file types along with the benefit of knowing that no one else outside the organization can decrypt the files, including Microsoft.

Encryption Key Management Capabilities are available with

More Control over Secure Data

Some files need to be decrypted by anyone in the organization, whether the files were originally passphrase-encrypted or encrypted for specific recipients. No matter how they were encrypted, contingency keys can provide a safeguard to be sure that the organization’s important information does not risk becoming permanently inaccessible. PK Protect® helps you manage every key your organization holds.

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