Data Classification Solutions

Categorize and Secure Data Based on Pre-Defined Policies

Categorize Data Based on Needs

Customizable Policy Builder

Create policies for everything from complex scenarios to basic classification, even pre-defined sensitive data types.

Visible Classification

Automatically apply visual tags as data changes, and extend policy adoption to partners, vendors, and anywhere data moves.

File Categorization

Automatically apply tags to files based on business-level terms, such as confidential, public, and restricted.

Purpose-Built Integrations

Discover and protect data tagged by classification solutions such as Microsoft, Titus, and Bolden James.

Report on Data

Understand exactly what kind of data exists and where precisely it is located.

Persistent Classification

Provide valuable data insight integrated with access control systems to ensure constant privacy.

Data classification is an essential component of helping organizations categorize and secure data based on custom or pre-defined policies, whether for compliance, end-user awareness, or otherwise, automated classification is an integral part of data protection.

Extend Data Protection Policies

Secure and categorize data faster with automated classification integration. PK Classification provides a powerful, easy-to-use policy builder capable of categorizing data based on specific needs.

Award-Winning Solutions

PKWARE’s solutions have won multiple prestigious industry awards for sensitive data discovery and protection.