Data Governance Solutions

Set Internal Policies That Govern Your Data’s Location And Usage

Building Reliable Data Governance

Part of a company’s success involves ensuring high data quality across the entire data lifecycle, including data controls that support business objectives: where data originated, where it’s going, and who is using it. Data governance is essential to creating consistent and proper data handling and understanding where specific data exists within the organization. That process starts with discovery.

Automate Operations with PKWARE

Data Inventories

List what matters most—sensitive and personal data—in specific governance-related reports.

Enterprise Capacity

Easily discover on databases and large enterprise repositories where your teams access data the most.

Categorize Information

Out-of-the-box connections can feed automatic information about the category of sensitive data into data catalogs.

Extensive Platform Support

Support data discovery for the most widely used data repositories.

Connection Capabilities

Leverage out-of-the-box integrations to cataloging solutions and more for the most complete data governance policy.

Enrich Data Cataloging

In-depth sensitive data discovery supports existing data cataloging solutions with powerful information

Support Data Governance Framework

Data is only valuable when it is used, and data should only be governed if it has value. PK Protect® establishes confidence within governance processes that all valuable data has been identified and is continuously protected according to organization policy.

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